Most Accurate Fitness Tracker On The Market - Banner 2
What Is The Most Accurate Fitness Tracker? For a couple years now, competition has gained traction in the field of fitness tracking. The lines for deciding the most accurate fitness tracker on the market is becoming blurred. Since collecting human data in real time has become a popular trend, developers […]

Most Accurate Fitness Tracker On The Market

Being able to charge your wearables while wearing them or charge your cellphone while it’s in your pocket. Not with a pocket charger, but using wireless frequencies that are already around us. Now that would be true wireless charging. It seems a little out of reach from from reality. How […]

True Wireless Charging – Without Contact With Anything

Next Generation Technology that can change the world
  We’ve seen it before and we’ll see it over and over again, technology that can change the world and revolutionize how we live our lives.  We take for granted that just 30 years ago it would take weeks to send a letter around the world and now email can do this […]

Next Generation Technology That Can Change The World

Wearable Tech Show – 2016 Events
    2015 proved itself to be an extraordinary year for technology. Secure payments with a swipe of your phone. Fast DNA sequencing. Affordable smart homes. Functional augmented reality, Cool drones and countless varieties of smartwatches/activity trackers. You can be sure that another high tech year is approaching and we’re covering […]

Wearable Tech Show – 2016 Events

The Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds 4
First and Foremost – Lets not set expectations too high or you’ll likely end up like the people who leave bad ratings on Amazon. Noise cancelling technology will not stop you from hearing all noises around you. The best noise cancelling earbuds will do exactly what they were designed to do. […]

Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds of 2015-2016

Everyone Can Afford Personal Fitness Trainer
Finding the time or money for a personal fitness trainer might seem impossible. This however is quickly changing thanks to modern technology. First, fitness trackers like Fitbit made a strong appearance on the market by making it easy to track your physical activity. Now, an influx of people are becoming self […]

Personal Fitness Trainer Replaced By Machine

All Fitness Trackers Worth Checking Out
Are all fitness trackers worth checking out? Having a hard time choosing a fitness tracker? Up until recent years this would be an easy picking but the boom of wearable tech created a vast number of companies trying to cash in on the trend. Not all of them are putting out […]

All Fitness Trackers Worth Checking Out

No More Bark - Wearable Tech for Pet Communication
An ID tag is crucial for all pets to have. Since they’re unable to identify themselves to people, we have to do the best we can to do it for them. You can purchase ID tags with QR codes for $10 to $20 on When someone scans the tag QR […]

Wearable Tech For Pet Safety And Wellness

Intel Make it Wearable Contest
Intel Make It Wearable Contest Last year, the Intel Make it Wearable contest sought out for innovative ideas of gadgets you can wear on your body. It was Nixie that took the win in 2014 with their automated flying camera concept. Open Bionics  also amazed everyone with the worlds first 3d […]

Is Intel Make It Wearable Contest Back For 2015?

Pebble Watch Strap Choices and Changing 2
So you just received your new Pebble Time or Time Steel. You’re likely looking forward to taking advantage of the watch strap choices available. Pebble has made it very easy to personalize your new smart watch in many ways. Aside from loads of apps, a standard 22mm connection lets you swap out with loads of watch straps and […]

Pebble Watch Strap – Choices And Changing

INTERLACED Wearable Tech Fashion Show 9
If you’re looking for a wearable tech fashion show then you must check out what’s in store for next month. Fashion shows have always been super exciting but now we’re experiencing a hi-tech twist!   In the past, we’ve talked about INTERLACED and how they’ve been influencing wearable technology events. As […]

Experience A Wearable Tech Fashion Show

Wearable Tech Taking Off – Is It With Purpose
  Is wearable technology just another fad or is there a true purpose? If you’re like myself then it’s safe saying this: “If a device isn’t improving my life, or at least entertaining me, then it’s a device I really don’t need”. Smartphones seem to have done both for many people. […]

Wearable Tech Taking Off – Is It With Purpose?