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Unique by uBirds - Custom Smart Strap For Watches


Convenience and features have been the main focus with new wearable technology. Hands free notifications and digital keys are becoming more and more common.

What about simplicity?

On numerous occasions I’ve heard people say they would never see themselves using a touch screen watch. Simply because those tiny little touchscreens are too complex. Not to mention the pleasure of a set-it and forget-it concept in a typical wrist watch. Having to charge up your watch every few days in order have a time display isn’t very intriguing for some.

uBird believes they might have an answer with a “custom” approach

What Is uBird?

uBird is a fresh innovative company keeping simplicity in mind. The developers at uBird have found a way to give users both a simple watch and smart features. “A normal long lasting watch with an intelligent smart strap“.

The smart strap has all the sensors you might find in a smart watch or activity tracker along with a few other handy features. They call it “Unique” and can actually use it with any old watch you may already have. (It doesn’t have a screen like other smart watches) It’s a strap with sensors to record data, and sends the data to your smart phone for it to be displayed.

Unique Features

  • Authorization Security
  • Pass Card or Payments
  • Phone Loss Prevention
  • Activity Tracking
  • Programmable NFC
  • Discreet Notifications


Who Says You Can’t Teach An Old Watch New Tricks?



Unique is a powerful combination of features and a customized style


uBird Custom Smart Watch StrapuBird Custom Smart Watch Strap 2uBird is giving every customer a custom style made “Unique” just for them with over 100 combinations to choose from. The uBirds creator is already setup for people to try out the different styles. I tried it out for myself with the colorful choices you see here.

Some of the options you can choose from are: Shape, leather type, leather color, buckle, or even thread color.

uBirds will be running KickStarter campaign to help out with production and you can receive updates right from their website: ubirds.eu




I’m look forward to hearing more from uBirds soon and will updating you on everything I find out. For now, have a look at some of these related post below. If you would like to voice your opinions on uBirds, let us know what you think by leaving a reply in the comment section.


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4 thoughts on “A Smart Band on A Simple Watch

  • Emily

    hi there!
    well this seems like a cool watch! And there really seems to have a ton of options to customize it and make it look less like a phone/watch. I am not entirely understanding what the watch does though. Would it be somewhat similar to the new Apple watch but with less features? The video was really helpful though, it seems like this little watch can be quite helpful in terms of security.

    • WTFman Post author

      Thanks for your comment and I updated the article.
      You’re right, it’s actually a “smart strap” not a smart watch like the Apple Watch. It has several built in sensors to capture data, and it sends this data to your smartphone. It doesn’t use a small screen on your wrist. Nobody will even know your wearing a “Smart Strap” because it looks like any other watch strap and customized to your preference. I’m suspecting that battery life on this will be much longer than the Apple Watch because of not having a screen.

      Come back soon for more updates and follow us on twitter! @WearTechFashion

  • Sarah Tan

    Wow, thanks for sharing, this is a real high end technology but yet simple looking watch band, love it! Furthermore, it will be a great gift for anyone. I had shared the post to my facebook page, something really worth sharing!

    • WTFman Post author

      Thank you Sarah and very appreciated of you letting me know! Drop back soon because I’ll be updating with more info when I receive it.