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WTF - Wearable Tech Fashion

Introducing Wearable Tech Fashion – WTF is Technically Fashionable


It’s a whole new world we live in and technology advances haven’t plateaued. In fact, it’s become wearable and integrated into our every day lives. Smart watches and fitness trackers are only the beginning to a whole new scale of innovations.

Wearable Tech Fashion is dedicated to the hottest trends in wearable technology. A goal to keep ourselves and our readers up-to-date on the most fashionable and innovative tech available. We do this by constantly communicating with leading tech experts and receiving current updates with new discoveries and launches.

We promise to build the brands we work with through effective communications and by establishing a network of focused partners.

We build our network by identifying the best strategic partners for our product assortments and our brands. Our passion about the industry we serve is above and beyond and we seek the same passion in the dealers we partner with.


Bringing us into a new era and a technological advancement that’s almost exponential. It’s our goal to inform you of all that prevails. There is no telling of what amazing new wearable tech products that’re hitting the markets.

We’ll also be updating you on new fashion shows waiting to show off what they see in the future. Not only are we watching for the newest wearable tech, but the hottest tech fashion too!

Read more about wearable tech fashion and how we insure that your privacy is safe here.


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