All Fitness Trackers Worth Checking Out

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Are all fitness trackers worth checking out?

Having a hard time choosing a fitness tracker? Up until recent years this would be an easy picking but the boom of wearable tech created a vast number of companies trying to cash in on the trend. Not all of them are putting out products that satisfy user needs however. Some fitness trackers even turn out to be defective or very inaccurate. I’d like to narrow the choices and make the pick easier with the most reliable of all fitness trackers.

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Without further a do, I want to present you a list of all fitness trackers that currently hold a good name among users. After filtering ratings, reviews and personal opinions these are my recommendations.  




Jawbones Up series fitness tracker are huge competitors with Fitbit. You’ll likely see them stacked side by side on store shelves even though they are discontinuing production for their new series. The Up24 has a “twisted” appearance and provides notifications and insights to keep you motivated in reaching your activity goals. It records steps, distance, calories burned, and active vs. idle time. A few nifty app features allow you to record your food intake and provide a smart alarm clock. The listed price has been ranging from $70 to $120 on Amazon (Down to $26). Click the images for more details.

Is the Up24 fitness trackers worth checking out?




Next generation Jawbone activity tracker with a heart rate sensor and a bioimpedance sensor which detects your resting heart rate. It could even track sleep stages such as REM or light sleep. The Up3 also learns and adapts to the person wearing it to better suit individual needs. Their claim is that they provide the most advanced activity tracker. It’s one of the more elegant fitness trackers and priced around $150.(Down to $99)

Jawbone Up24 Fitness Tracker - All Fitness Trackers Worth Checking Out



Fitbit Flex is what started the trend and still holding it’s own. It’s available at an affordable price so almost anyone can own one. Keep track of steps, calories, distance and your daily goals. (No Screen) LED lights indicate when you reach your goals. Every user I talk to gave Fitbit Flex good ratings. With the exception of those who stopped wearing it and this I feel mightn’t be a problem with the product but instead a lack of interest. However, I’d prefer something with a display to show tracking details and a clock. So when comparing with others, the Fitbit Flex doesn’t seem worth it to me.

Pink Fitbit Flex - All Fitness Trackers Worth Checking Out



The Fitbit Charge is equipped with a tiny screen that’ll display your daily stats, exercise mode, and conveniently the time. You can even receive call notifications directly from your wrist so you know when someone is calling. The Fitbit Charge records steps, distance, calories, stairs climbed and active minutes. Now this is more like it, and currently it’s under $130 on Amazon. (Down to 99.93)

Is Fitbit Charge a Fitness Tracker Worth Checking Out


The surge takes fitness tracking a step higher but with a higher price tag also. The Fitbit Surge is more of a smart watch made for fitness. You can receive phone/text notifications and show time on it’s OLED screen. It has an alarm clock, music control and GPS tracking to track your running routes. All without excluding the expected step counter, distance, elevation, sleep and even a continuous heart rate monitor. While $249 might be above what most people are looking for it does serve as a longer lasting smartwatch with a week per charge. (Down to 215.98)

Fitbit Surge - All Fitness Trackers Worth Checking Out





Garmin stepped in and done it well. The Vivofit runs for a whole year without having to change battery. It learns your activity level and assigns a personalized daily goal. It has a small screen to display steps, calories, distance and sleep monitor. It doesn’t have it’s own heart rate monitor but pairs well with others as a great companion. A very generous price tag under $75 brought this to my attention and people rate this well. Worth checking out for sure.

Garmin Vivofit - All Fitness Trackers Worth Checking Out


Forerunner 220

The Forerunner 220 Garmins is an advanced GPS running watch with a high-resolution color display and comfortable, lightweight design. It has a built-in accelerometer tracking distance and pace. Connected features include automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, live tracking and social media sharing so you can promote your achievements to your friends. It also lets you know when you achieve a personal record and can also pauses and resume timer based on speed. They have two models: One with a heart rate monitor for $230 and one without a heart-rate monitor for $200.

Garmin Forerunner 220 - All Fitness Trackers Worth Checking Out



Gear 2 & Gear 2 Neo

Both the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo have sensors connecting to S Health tracking steps, calories and heart rate. It would be difficult to not consider these gadget as fitness trackers worth checking out. Although a predecessor compared to later models, it still costs $140 to $180 on Amazon and requires a Samsung smart phone or tablet to pair with. Also, the battery requires daily charging.

Samsung Gear 2 / Gear 2 Neo - All Fitness Trackers Worth Checking Out




G-Watch R

People wouldn’t even know you’re wearing a fitness tracker. The G-Watch also carries sensors to track steps, calories burned, and distance traveled along with a heart rate monitor. For anyone looking for a bit more in their fitness tracker the G-Watch is a good candidate. The battery can last 2 days when using a dark backlight and will work with most android phones. While this beauty does it all – the price tag is just over $200. I think it earned it’s place here and certainly worth checking out. (I know many people who wear the G-Watch and they like it

LG G-Watch - All Fitness Trackers Worth Checking Out



Polar Health Monitoring

H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor

Compatible with most Android and Apple phones. The H7 is a chest strap with an accurate heart rate monitor. Connecting using Bluetooth, the H7 provides feedback to compatible apps. Polar also provides an app of their own with several activity features. For $50 bucks you can get more, but if all you need is a heart rate monitor it’s still a bargain.

Polar H7 Chest Strap - All Fitness Trackers Worth Checking Out

FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Polar also provides several wrist monitors such as the FT7 Heart Rate Monitor watch if you don’t have a smartphone to display your info. This I like because it gives everyone the opportunity to benefit from newer technology. The simple digital display gives it a long lasting battery. They currently charge around $70 for this cheaper model.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor is a fitness tracker worth checking out





Misfit set a new benchmark by releasing the Shine. A 4-6 month battery was very appealing and the creative craftsmanship might be what most people are looking for. Using LEDs all around the circular edge – it displays time of day along with your daily goal progress. It tracks your sleep, steps, and distance while providing activities with a points system on their fun app that keeps you motivated. Priced generously just under $100 on release would make one unsure of the quality. However the Misfit Shine proved to be a sleek premium fitness tracker. Along with the premium design is the versatility. It comes with a watch strap but you can wear the shine wherever you want with it’s clip or around your neck as a necklace. A very impressive fitness tracker and definitely worth checking out. (NOTE – Wrist strap is known to break and many people prefer to clip it on clothing or their footwear)

Is Misfit Shine a fitness tracker worth checking out


The Flash is where Misfit proved everyone just what they can do. This time they took a step backwards by making it cost less while making improvements. All the tracking and features are the same quality as the Shine but with a cheaper external design made of plastic. It still handles water at depths rated for 3 atm or 30m, so there’s no issue wearing while swimming. They even made some hardware improvements by brightening the LED lights. At launch the Flash cost $50 and went as low as $29.99! A real bargain but I recommend using the clip instead of the wristband to avoid breaking and losing it. If you have any financial worry with buying a fitness tracker then the Misfit Flash is the best fitness tracker for you to check out.

Is Misfit Flash Clip a fitness tracker worth checking out?



That’s all of them for now. Hope this list will help you choose the fitness tracker that’s right for you. Buying new technology can be a big decision and one that’s nice to get right the first time. If you have different opinions on which fitness trackers are best let us know about it in the comments below. I believe all fitness trackers listed here have their pros and cons and any extra info you can offer will be that much more helpful to others.


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