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We’ve talked about the Will.I.Am PULS Smart Band. Operating as a standalone all-in-one smart watch and smartphone, it allows the user to make calls, send/receive text messages and more. All without actually requiring any smartphone at all. This isn’t the only one capable of this of course. Several others such as the Samsung Gear S and the Omate TrueSmart are also competing to have the best standalone smart watch.

“All of these face one issue” Screen is too small and some actions can be very difficult to perform.


Neptune believes they brought this game to a new level with a daring new idea. After introducing themselves on KickStarter with the Pine, and raising $800,000, Neptune continued improving on their standalone concept. The Neptune DUO Hub is a new creation that will eliminate the “Screen is to small” issue and give users full smartphone functionality.

First, Here are the released specs:

  • Android OS.
  • Quad-core processor.
  • 1000mAh watch battery + 2800mAh screen battery
  • Support for 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and NFC.
  • 5″ Touchscreen Attachment.

What’s this? A touchscreen attachment?

Imagine your smart watch as the “Data Hub” for your contacts, social networks, apps, games and you name it.

Now, imagine a mini TV screen that does nothing more then display the things you would want to see on a larger screen. (kinda like a smartphone or tablet) But simply stating, “its only a pocket screen”.


Pocket screens are interchangeable screens, and nothing more. Borrow one if you forgot yours, or maybe switch to a larger screen if one is available. Never worry about forgetting your phone again, because phones won’t exist! This concept has broaden the spectrum of innovative ideas.

Neptune’s DUO acts as a data hub which connects to wireless networks to make calls, send messages, track fitness stats, and stay connected with social networks. Screen size limitation would never be an issue when you can connect with compatible screens.

All in one smartwatch - Neptune Duo


Whether or not Neptune steps into the spotlight, it’s hard to say. What’s easy to say is that we’ll be seeing many more ideas similar to this all the time. From desktop computers to the laptop, and smartphones to wearable tech, the possibilities grow as microcomputers get smaller.

You can reserve one and buy the Neptune Duo for $798 on release date (or) You can pledge early and save up to $300 off.

  • $49 – Saves you $100
  • $199 – Saves you $200
  • $498 – Saves you $300


For success to come of Neptune, it would almost be a change in culture. A change in how we interact with our personal connections, and with the world around us. Can Neptune be on to something ground breaking in wearable tech? Would an all-in-one smart watch acting as a computer with interchangeable screens be the answer to practical wearable tech?

I’d like to believe they’re at least on to something big. They do know that losing a smartphone is common, and very costly. While losing a smart watch is less likely, it also makes for quicker and more convenient access without the worry of dropping. Everything you need, but only when you need it.

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4 thoughts on “All-In-One Smart Watch With A 5in Touchscreen

  • Matt

    Great site, I like it a lot! This watch seems pretty cool, you should review the Apple watch next since it just released today I believe!

    • WTFman Post author

      Thanks Matt, appreciate your comment. I’m currently reviewing details on the Apple Watch and you’ll soon here all about it. Apple’s March event revealed awesome details for the release. It includes health monitoring tools, like an an accelerometer and heart rate monitor and a hefty range of prices. The Apple Watch will actually be available April 24th, 2015. “Just over a month from now”

      Oh yes, about the price range. Depending on model, it will cost anywhere between $350 to over $10,000. Yes, Ten Thousand American Dollars. “I probably won’t be having that model, so don’t feel bad!”

  • Martine

    Hi WTF~!
    Nice branding 🙂
    You have an awesome site, great stuff! Are you into fitness wearables too, and will you cover those at some point as well?

    Kind regards,

    • WTFman Post author

      Fitness wearables certainly do interest me. What I’m discovering –Along with industry experts– each wearable device will have specialties depending on where they are worn.. What I mean is that a wearable located on your wrist will have its purposes where those worn around your neck may prove in being better in other ways.

      Fitness wearables are being explored in many ways. Shirts, and sneakers are now considered for wearable technology for fitness. Ducere footwear is first to come to mind, then Cityzen Sciences with tech embedded clothing.

      Have a look, it’s very interesting.