The Apple Watch – Is it the Smart Watch to have? 2

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This years round up of smart watches have will unveil more than any predecessor of its kind. Rumors of The Apple Watch has fans anxious in finding out what it can or can’t do. (One of those rumors talk of a superior battery life)

On the Apple website, they claim of designing “An entire computer architecture on a single chip”. We’ll have to see when launched in April if this new technology will hold up to it’s name. Over it’s sleek design as you can see below, lets have a look at the Watch features.

The Apple Watch


Comparing Features

As for features, the competitors “Moto 360” and “Samsung Gear” won’t be walk overs. Developers are already in the game of designing innovative new ways to use these high tech watches. Microsoft has also stepped up in creating their own “smart watch” type of wearable tech. Microsoft band is somewhat a cross between a smart watch and activity tracker. Tracking your steps, heart rate, and sleep while keeping you connected by receiving calls and text messages and social media updates.

With all of this compiled into smart watches already, it’s hard to believe that more can be done, other than improving battery life…

How will Apple Watch compare with Microsoft Band?

Similar Features

  • Apple Watch and Microsoft Band will be equipped with an activity tracker.
  • Both remind and motivate you to get active.
  • Siri from Apple meet Cortana from Microsoft – Voice command


Apple Watch Sensors

  1. Heart rate sensor
  2. Accelerometer
  3. GPS
  4. Microphone

Sensors listed on Apple’s website are limited, however the features seem to surpass some of those with Microsoft Band. Although both are limited unless you have the right phone.

  • Microsoft Band works with other phones, however, require windows 8.1 phone for voice assistant.
  • Apple Watch requires an iPhone.

*note* Siri will allow users to voice command many features (including sending text messages).


Most of Microsoft Band features seem to promote quick display. Note that you can quickly “See” calls, text messages, and voice mail notifications. “Preset text messages” can be sent using the Microsoft band when connected to a windows 8 phone.


Microsoft Band Sensors

  1. Optical heart rate sensor
  2. Accelerometer/Gyro
  3. GPS
  4. Ambient light sensor
  5. Skin temperature sensor
  6. UV sensor
  7. Capacitive sensor
  8. Galvanic skin response
  9. Microphone


While keeping us active, these two tech giants also aim to keep us connected with our smartphones without taking the phone from our pocket. However both are showing their own advantages. It seems Microsoft Band may win the race for fitness fanatics with the multitude of sensors. Apple Watch however, seem to provide overall complete functionality of everything you need done.

Apple Watch Availability: Coming April 2015

Microsoft Band Availability: Sold Out

 Who do you think will come out on top?

Is Apple Watch a fair competitor for Microsoft band?

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2 thoughts on “The Apple Watch – Is it the Smart Watch to have?

  • Danilo

    Hi Damian,

    Great website!
    Well laid out an updated. I really want an Apple watch so interested to read this read this review.
    Some really interesting articles and found myself spending more time than I intended!

    So what would you recommend in the world of smart watches if you had to choose?

    I have an Iphone and intend to get an iphone 6, so Apple watch no brainer?

    Dan WA

    • WTFman Post author

      For yourself, an Apple Watch would make the most sense. Apple Watch sales are through the roof because many iPhone users would be lacking many features you would find on android based smart watches.

      Apple has made a watch that will work seamlessly with their device. It all comes down to what you would want your smart watch for. Some people like myself prefer a smart watch as a companion for important notifications and basic interaction. Pebble has released their newest model which does this with a battery lasting a full week. “Many less features then the Apple Watch”

      See Apple Watch Pricing Grid

      I’m testing out a cheaper model of smart watch called the U-Watch. As soon as it arrives I’ll be providing feedback on this also.

      Thanks for your time Danilo, and do share with your friends.