Before Buying Wearable Technology

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What Should I know before Buying Wearable Technology?

 4 Things To Check Before Buying

Most of this is easy to find out on your own. Often enough its written right on front of the package. “Powered by Android” is an example. Keep in mind that wearable technology is still young and future advances are storming up as we speak. Try to be happy with what you have knowing that “keeping up with the technology” isn’t always possible. (Unless you have the cash to throw around)

There are a few things to look for when buying wearable technology. Check the features below and make sure you’re getting a device that will last a few years.

Security of Device

We’re never 100% safe from private information being revealed. Just as a robber breaks in to steal from your house, a hacker will find a way in to steal data. It’s important for us to consider what information the wearable device receives and transmits. Avoidance is bliss with regards to digital security.

  • What information would you want kept private?
  • Does the wearable transmit this data?

Battery Life

Let’s face it, getting a full day out of many smartphones would be what most expect. Wearable technology will have much smaller batteries and depending on the wearable, battery life will vary.

  • How long does the battery last?
  • How much time to reach full charge?
  • Does it need a charging mount?

Flexible Compatibility

Many companies now aim for their products to work with other brands that allow this. Some will only operate/sync with devices of the same brand. Make sure you are fully aware if other devices are required. It would be horrible buying a smart watch knowing that it won’t work with your tablet/phone.

  • Does this wearable work with multiple devices?
  • Can it work with what you already have?

Open Source Platform

For those not “techy” the term “Open Source” means “free to customize and distribute”. This would give the device a lot of customization possibilities. Programmers can create software/apps that work with the device and made available for the public.

  • Google’s “Android” is open source.
  • This gives developers the ability to use and modify.
  • Samsung uses a modified version of Android in the “Samsung Gear” and the “Galaxy S” series smartphones.
  • This also gives developers around the world the ability to work with Samsung’s technology. (Make sense?)

Comfort When Wearing

we mustn’t forget the comfort behind wearing the device. Since the device will likely be warn all day long, we don’t want to be uncomfortable wearing it. Heck, I don’t even want to know it’s there! One thing I keep in mind –Especially with devices you wear on your hand or wrist— is the material it’s made of and the size. A huge bulky ring would be the worst smart ring ever.

  • Where do you wear it?
  • How much does it weigh?
  • What materials are used?

A little research will never harm. In fact, likely it will save you a lot of grief by knowing more about what your getting into. This way you’ll have a positive first experience (Unlike some you may read about).

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If you have comments or questions before buying wearable technology we’d like to help. We also welcome advice for what to look out for. Thanks for reading!

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