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Best Fitness Tracker 2015

Record Steps, Speed, Calories, and Sleep With a Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers continue to improve and 2015’s lineup of the best fitness tracker is going to impress you. Who will provide the best fitness trackers could be a personal judgement. We’ve given no particular order when listing and isn’t for ranking. This list is intended only to compare the options available for fitness and activity tracking.



Wrist Worn Fitness Trackers


Just over a year ago Fitness Trackers became socially connected and more accurate then ever before. As many predicted, this years lineup up of fitness wristbands now have their own visual display and some with other features that health and fitness enthusiasts will really enjoy.


Empatica Embrace


Empatico Embrace - Fitness and Health Tracker

Empatica Embrace -Tracking activity, fitness and saving lives.

Price: $199 @

Comfortable and for some people it can be a life saver. Empatica is experimenting using medical grade technology with their E4 bracelet. The Embrace is equipped with Accelerometers, Electrodermal activity (EDA), Gyroscope, Thermometer and currently capable of sending a warning to someone who’s about to have a seizure.


Jawbone Up3


Up3 by Jawbone - Fitness and activity tracker

Jawbone Up 3 – Photo Courtesy: Jawbone

Price: $199 @

A fashionable fitness tracker with all the usual sensors for tracking steps, distance, and calories burned by scanning bar codes of the food you eat. Using state of the art sensors also auto detects sleep along with a heart rate monitor. Lacking a screen but giving you a full week in battery life.


Samsung Gear Fit


Samsung Gear Fit - Photo Courtesy:

Samsung Gear Fit – Photo Courtesy:

Price: $142.99 @ BestBuy

Samsung stepped it up a notch by introducing somewhat of a smart watch and fitness tracker hybrid. On top of tracking activity and the heart rate monitor, it also enables the wearer to see tech messages and email. The battery lasts 3 days depending on usage.


Fitbit Charge



Fitbit Charge Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Charge – Photo Courtesy:

Price: $120 @

Fitbit made several improvements since we first discussed the fitbit flexThe Charge and Charge HD models. With it’s tiny display it’ll show your elevation, distance traveled, accurate steps and calorie counter – it’ll even show your caller ID. With a reputation of battery life they hold power for 7 to 10 days.


Fitbit Surge Super Watch


Fitbit Surge Super Watch Fitness Tracker

Price: $299 @

The surge edition is surprisingly long lasting with a 7 days battery. Built with heart rate monitor, GPS, and smartphone features like call display and text messages. The surge will also give you ability to control music easily during your walk or workout.


Microsoft Band


Microsoft Band Fitness Tracker

Microsoft Band – Photo Courtesy:

Price: $199 @

Like Samsung, the Microsoft Band has many smartphone features that allow for an all around user experience. A futuristic design tracking steps, heart rate, calories, and millage. Equipped with smart watch features like text and call display and has an expected 3 day recharge.


Nike+ Fuelband SE


Nike Fuel Band Fitness Tracker

Nike Fuel Band – Photo Courtesy: Nike

Price: $99 @

A band not so popular “with irony” brings social value to your fitness. Motivating you with goals and achievements while keeping track of a wide variety of activity such as swimming or yoga.


Basis Peak


Basis Peak Fitness Tracker

Basis Peak Fitness Tracker – Photo courtesy: Basis

Price: $199 @

This one does it all. Automatically detects your sleeping cycles, including REM & deep sleep. It has a heart rate sensor, shows skin temperature, detects galvanic skin response, and a 3-Axis Accelerometer. See text messages and other notifications also with an expected 4 day battery life.


Garmin VivoFit


Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band – Photo courtesy: Garmin

Price: $125 @

A simple digital watch that counts steps and a year long battery. You heard right, a full year. Lacking the many features of other trackers, this one serves as a set it and forget it solution for tracking your steps.


Garmin Vivosmart


Garmin Vivosmart Fitness Band activity tracker

Garmin Vivosmart Fitness Band – Photo courtesy: Garmin

Price: $169 @

Garmin didn’t hesitate to release a fitness tracker for those who want something more. In vision of the Vivofit, this device is equipped with an OLED screen. While acting as a activity tracker, it provices quick smart watch features such as notifications and call display.


Sony SmartBand Talk


Sony SmartBand Talk Fitness Tracker

Sony SmartBand Talk

Price: $169 @

Sony was long before jumping in with the trend. The SmartBand Talk is stands up to it’s name by tracking activity like other activity bands. It stand out by allowing users to speak with friends through the SmartBand itself. A tiny downfall seems to be in the tiny 70 mAh battery which allows for only 3 days usage.


Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine Sleep and Fitness Tracker

Misfit Shine Sleep and Fitness Tracker – Photo courtesy: Misfit

Price: $99 @

Although it started out small, Misfit quickly grew in the activity tracking market. The Shine is designed to be universal so you can wear it other locations instead of your wrist. Around your neck works well to accurately track your steps without interference from arm movements. Misfit has been noted to have the best sleep tracking with a great automatic detection so no data is ever missed.


Swarovski Shine

Swarovski Shine Fitness Tracker

Swarovski Shine Fitness Tracker


Price: $249 @

Misfit is aiming to keep the words ‘wearable tech fashion‘ close together. Maybe the most luxurious fitness tracker available for the ladies. Similar to the predecessor Misfit Shine, this beauty comes with a real Swarovski crystal and rumored to be releasing a solar charging version of the fitness tracker. The Swarovski Shine allegedly works well under water for tracking your swimming, unlike the original Misfit Shine.

Pivotal Tracker 1

Pivotal Tracker 1 by

Pivotal Tracker 1 by Photo Courtesy:

Price: $12/year @

A simple fitness tracker that records steps, distance and calories burned. It also has a silent alarm, and great app that even helps track hydration levels. They have a unique business model where they ask for a cheap yearly subscription. Here’s the cool part though. With this subscription, you’ll always be given a new device whenever they release new ones. (I would like to be the person paying $12/year if they make something like the Fitbit Surge!)



Other Fitness Trackers


Fitness trackers are moving into other forms, and many now believe that in order to get optimal performance, wearable technology must be worn in an optimal area. Technology has become small enough that you can wear it anywhere. Embedded into clothing with sensors recording various measures such as heart rate, breathing rhythm, or even hydration levels. As a result of many successful startup campaigns, 2015 will show us a landslide of new devices with specialized features. While high tech, fashion is also a statement as the two industries really show how well they can merge together.


Lechal Smart Footwear

Specializing is what Lechal is all about (lay-chull, “take me along” in Hindi). Tracking your steps can’t get more accurate, and activity tracking can be done on a social level. Smart Navigation for the fastest routes is made super easy with smart footwear using haptic feedback guiding even the blind.

Krispian Lawrence Co-Founder of Ducere Technologies spoke at CES 2015 about the first of its kind smart footwear.



Smart Sensing Clothing

Technology embedded into smart clothing is the scope of Cityzen Science by putting sensors where sensors work best. Creating their brand Smart Sensing has lead to Smoozi Cycling Shorts made especially for cyclists. Other textile embedded sensors will be found in shirts made perfect for heart-rate and breathing rhythm monitoring.



Echo H2 Patch

A performance tracker of its own class. Wearing this patch while exercising will monitor performance by tracking hydration, lactic acid, and glucose levels. By doing this the wearer will know the best times to drink more water or when to relax their muscles for optimal development.



New innovative ideas are emerging and large companies like Intel and IBM are reaching out and supporting entrepreneurs who answer the questions they need answered. 2014 started a trend and 2015 is quickly expanding that trend to unimaginable new levels. The direction of health monitoring and fitness tracking continues advancing providing us with many options to choose from. It seems before one can decide which one is best, another one is released that appears to do better things.


What do you think will be the best fitness tracker in 2015?


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