5 Apple Watch Models
As of April 24th, the Apple Watch will be officially available at the Online Apple Store. Rumors of it being available online only is true, but only during the launch period. If I were to guess, you’ll find them in stores early June or even the later part of May. […]

Cost of Apple Watch – All Models and Sizes

Best Fitness Tracker 2015 1
Record Steps, Speed, Calories, and Sleep With a Fitness Tracker Fitness trackers continue to improve and 2015’s lineup of the best fitness tracker is going to impress you. Who will provide the best fitness trackers could be a personal judgement. We’ve given no particular order when listing and isn’t for ranking. This list is intended only to compare the […]

Best Fitness Tracker Lineup – 2015

Google vs Sony Smart EyeGlass
Many skeptics of Google Glass will refer to them with terms as “Creepy or Invasive”. The Sony module clips right onto typical eyeglasses which some say “Isn’t so invasive”. Since users can easily remove this wearable tech it do provide people some security over their privacy.   Sony claims they […]

Sony Smart EyeGlass vs Google Glass

FitBit Flex Band vs Jawbone UP3 Comparison Table 1
A new lineup of wearable technology is released every month to the public. The most popular of them all are the fitness trackers. What’s expected in 2015 with the FitBit Charge and UP3? Will it reflect what we seen from these fitness trackers in 2014? here’s a quick comparison of FitBit […]

FitBit Flex vs Jawbone UP3