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Wearable Tech Shows, Expos and Events. Appearing all over the world are fantastic opportunities for new products and tech startups. Each with a purpose of bringing innovation to the forefront of our future.

Investors, developers, entrepreneurs and sponsors are all making an appearance at the events below. Take the podium in front of the worlds pioneer leaders and manufactures, because they want “in” on the next best ideas. Can’t see an event near you? See the link below for our full list.

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INTERLACED Wearable Tech Fashion Show 9
If you’re looking for a wearable tech fashion show then you must check out what’s in store for next month. Fashion shows have always been super exciting but now we’re experiencing a hi-tech twist!   In the past, we’ve talked about INTERLACED and how they’ve been influencing wearable technology events. As […]

Experience A Wearable Tech Fashion Show

Past Future Technology - INTERLACED 2015
In the past future technology was considered geeky attire for many people (I keep thinking about The Jetsons). Anything more than a timepiece wasn’t considered as casual wear up until recent years. Now, more and more people are using fitness trackers and smart watches. But like an awkward teenager looking to find […]

Tech Your Fashion or Fashion Your Tech

London High Tech Fashion Craze
  London’s fashion events have always been in the spotlight for haute couture and creative garments. Though it seems the craze doesn’t end there. Some are saying that the future of high end fashion is more than custom fit clothing. For the first time ever, it’s become more about merging […]

London Has High Tech Fashion Craze

Do You Have Wearable Technology Ideas?
Considered the cradle of Italian liberty and an important business and cultural center in northern Italy. Turin, has been known for it’s architecture and recently it’s auto manufacture Fiat. Now it’s looking to become the center of technology and innovations in Europe. Bring your wearable technology ideas to Italy this November […]

Bring Your Wearable Technology Ideas To Italy

Wearable Tech New York Style
  Over 30 attending speakers and keynote speakers from Intel, Martian Watches and Lose It! will be in New York, July 13-15 presenting a Wearable Tech New York event highlight: “From Novelty to Necessity – What Will Make Wearables Achieve Market Greatness?”   Wearable Tech Expo 2015 – New York US […]

What Will Make Wearable Tech Achieve Market Greatness?

Wearable Tech Expo - 2014 Media Coverage
Give your company the opportunity to showcase your products and solutions live to a powerful audience. An audience representing leaders in media and technology. The return on investment will triumph any media ads you can ever purchase! Both exhibitors and sponsors gain huge exposure from media all over the world. Last […]

Wearable Tech Expo Awards and Exposure

Wearable Technology Show USA
The world’s largest dedicated show for wearable technology will be in California on November 3rd at the Santa Clara Convention Centre. This is a HUGE deal because not only is it the largest event, but its heading next door to Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area, “Tech Investor […]

Wearable Technology Show USA Track

Wearable Tech Torino Nov 20-21-2015 2
Europe has been known for it’s spectacular fashion. As it seems, Wearable Tech Torino “WTT” won’t stand shy of the attention. Completely dedicated to wearable technologies and first in Europe. Not just that, WTT is the first free wearable tech event of it’s nature. An event for (You) the consumer with 45 companies […]

Wearable Tech Torino – Monster of Events

Interlaced 2015 London 3
On September 3rd, INTERLACED 2015 London will be the first INTERLACED fashion tech runway show. Hosted at The Boiler House – London, UK. Featured guest speakers and showcases from Cute Circuit, Kovert designs, Ylenia Gortana, Ada + Nik, Eef Lubbers++, Xoo and Maartje Dijkstra. On part of an entertaining display of high tech […]

INTERLACED 2015 – London, UK

Tech Conference Coming To Miami
eMerge Americas 2015 CNBC Spot from eMerge Americas on Vimeo.   Showcase your wearable tech, express your innovative talents, or simply drop by and enjoy the show in Miami Florida. Miami is taking the stage for the eMerge Americas Tech Conference with innovative companies and thought leaders.   Source: eMerge […]

Tech Conference Miami – eMerge Americas

Wearable Tech Fashion Experience bringing the sensational and functional together at Cirque-It
Bringing the Sensational and Functional Together   Need a fun eye-dazzling night out? Toronto, Ontario will be hosting Cirque-It. A brilliant performance of circus skills and theatrical technique in an entertaining thematic show with interactive freestyle of wearable tech fashion. Without cutting your evening short, the night will be topped off […]

Wearable Tech Fashion Experience – Cirque-It – May-21

Ceasars Palace will host Wearable Tech Expo 2015 2
July 13-15, 2015 @ Jacob Javits Center (Date & Location Changed) August 17-20, 2015 @ Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada Wearable Tech Expo will now be held in conjunction with the IoT Evolution Expo, extending with an extra day of connecting. The new location, and the coupling of these events […]

Wearable Tech Expo 2015 – New York US