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Wearable Tech Shows, Expos and Events. Appearing all over the world are fantastic opportunities for new products and tech startups. Each with a purpose of bringing innovation to the forefront of our future.

Investors, developers, entrepreneurs and sponsors are all making an appearance at the events below. Take the podium in front of the worlds pioneer leaders and manufactures, because they want “in” on the next best ideas. Can’t see an event near you? See the link below for our full list.

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Smart Fabrics Wearable Technology 2015 San Francisco US 1
May 11-13 @ Embarcadero Center –   300 industry leaders appeared at the conference in 2014 to establish new ideas, see product development and overcome challenges in smart fabrics. A task force of entrepreneurs and innovators focused on making wearable tech fashion happen. Technology giants and designer brands are getting […]

Smart Fabrics & Wearable Technology 2015 – San Francisco US

M2M World Congress at Grand Connaught Rooms
  Keynote innovators of tomorrow will be appearing at the M2M World Congress in the Grand Connaught Rooms. All in show to connect and establish the next phases of technology through Machine to Machine communications. Covering in depth: wearable technology, investment opportunities, partnerships, security, health, cloud solutions, big data, predictions/forecasts. Event Highlights […]

M2M World Congress 2015 – London UK

Wearable Tech Gala - Make Fusion 2015
  The Make Fashion initiative is a collaboration of exceptional designers and engineers who want to explore and demonstrate the convergence fashion and technology. Creativity and innovation are our guiding principles. We are inspired by wearable technology as both function and fashion: from awe-inspiring responsive runway dresses to practical medical […]

Wearable Tech Gala & Runway Show – Calgary Alberta

WTFmans Favorites So Far   Interaxon’s Muse Brain Sensing Headband Epson Moverio Smart Glasses for developers V1bes Stress Meter App and Ring Teiimo iilation Jacket   Writers at the Wearable Technology Show   Phil Tottman from PCR talks about his top 6 wearables at the Wearable Tech Show. Interaxon’s Muse […]

Wearable Technology Show 2015 SneakPeaks

Wearable Technology Shows and Expos 2015 2
  Next Wearable Tech Show/Event Nov 14/15: Wearable Tech Torino Hackathon   2015 Events February 5/8 – WT Show ISPO – 2015 – Ended March 9/11 – Wearables TechCon 2015 – Ended March 10/11 – Wearable Technology Show 2015 – Ended April 28/29 – M2M World Congress 2015 – Ended May 11/13 – Smart Fabrics & Wearable Technology – Ended May 27/29 – Wearable and […]

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