Advanced Clothing

Fascinate yourself with smart textiles, illuminating fabrics, and connected garments. Advanced clothing goes beyond electronics however. Fabrics designed at an atomic level can provide warmth, cooling, self-cleaning, and more. We’re digging deep to find you the best advanced clothing in the world.

Wearable Tech Clothing forecast
Wearable tech fashion will influence a wide range of devices, but standing out on the charts would obviously be smart wrist wear. By 2016, 91 million total units of wearable tech will be shipped and is expected to pass 126 million by 2019. A smaller piece of this statistic is smart clothing. […]

Wearable Tech Clothing Fashion Statement

Be Dazzled with MakeFashion Gala 2015
Official 2015 MakeFashion Gala videos – Paul Spendard   MakeFashion Gala 2015 hosts the most visually high tech wearable tech fashion show in the world. Displaying smart flexible textiles in the most extravagant of ways. All of what you see in these videos are of exceptional design. What used to be expensive […]

Be Dazzled With MakeFashion Gala 2015

Smart Fabric Technology Clothing is More With Betabrand
High tech clothing or smart fabrics isn’t all about lights and computer chips. Smart fabric technology as the name shouts can be high tech in many other ways. A whole new area of Nerdwear is unfolding that solve everyday troubles people may have. Betabrand is truly looking at all possibilities when […]

Smart Fabric Technology Is More

High Tech Clothing is High Visibility Clothing
High Tech Clothing – MOON Berlin Flashy lit up clothes isn’t anything new (Although the name”Haute Tech” is trending). Christian Bruns founded her brand MOON Berlin in 2010. This emerging brand combines wearable technology with fashion and accessories for evening, business, and special occasions. It was soon after seen in fashion shows worldwide […]

High Tech Clothing Is High Visibility Clothing

Solar Shirt Front and Back - Pauline Vandongen
Charging your phone using advanced clothing isn’t far off from reality. In fact, some have already made this possible. Pauline van Dongen is working with flexible solar panel textiles and designed the Solar Shirt to help occupy power hungry needs of our connected world. Being exposed to sunlight will keep your phone on and your music poppin. An […]

Solar Shirt by Pauline van Dongen

Fashion Week 2015 - clothes that change color 4
Fashion week 2015 in New York was like none other. Technology as it seems, made its way into the picture. Integrating technology in ways never thought of before, some designers really put on a show with futuristic garments and high-tech clothing.   CuteCircuit has been fascinated with wearable tech and in 2010 […]

Fashion Week 2015 – A digital experience

Music Hoody by: 1
Not being a surfer, I first came across by chance. They’ve been highly involved with surfing since the 80’s, and now globally recognized for the R-dot. Whatever that is… They now offer a wide selection of clothing, and is bringing their fashion and wearable tech together. Featuring the “The Wired Series” […]

Music Hoodies – Practical Wearable Tech

Smart Sensing embeded in your clothing 5
Cityzen Sciences is a company that’s aiming to change the world “Especially in the world of sports and athletes”. Branding the name Smart Sensing with a goal to be an “Ingredient” for wearable tech and fashion. “Smart Fabric Conception” as they claim was born. “Technology that’s literally woven into the […]

Technology Embedded Into Smart Clothing