Advanced Footwear

It’s obvious saying our feet play an important role in our life. Today, advanced footwear can also play an important part. Some of which will benefit the less fortunate or disabled. Dedicating all articles below to shoes, boots, socks and anything that covers your feet. Well, anything that does “more” than just cover your feet.

How to Walk Properly - Learn Using Smart Socks by Sensoria 8
Do you have or know anyone with bad knees? or, tender feet? or maybe even hips or lower back? Silly question. Of course you do! Back pain alone affects 8/10 people, and runners will tell you they heard this “All that running will wreck your knees”. This particular statement isn’t 100% true. […]

How To Walk Properly – Learn Using Smart Socks

Smart Navigation GPS Running Shoes 2
World’s First Interactive Haptic Footwear Haptic technology has been used for gaming, phones, pagers and now can even help the visually-impaired. Using smart navigation in a GPS running shoe, anybody can find there way around anywhere. Lechal footwear was the result of a desire to help visually impaired through navigation. With both […]

Smart Navigation With GPS Running Shoes