Wearable Tech Fashion

Christophe-Co Armill Orion - VIP Access With Haute Tech
A new era of high end fashion has emerged. Haute tech can soon be a prize for any successful entrepreneur who’s desire is to live as a VIP. There is nothing new about luxury time pieces and I really don’t mean to be Stepping on the Apple Watch Edition. We just can’t […]

VIP Access With Haute Tech

Wearable Technology Fashion Products
It’s been an intensifying but successful year in the field of technology. It quickly became obvious that wearable technology would become much more after Startups like the early Fitbit and the infamous Pebble emerged. Pebble set record breaking numbers through crowdfunding campaigns and Fitbit became first publicly traded brand of its kind. But […]

Wearable Technology Fashion Products

ProGlove is a smart glove made for workers in production, manufacturing and logistics 2
Team ProGlove were 3rd place winners of Intel’s Make It Wearable contest last year winning $150,000. When checking back on them I was excited to hear they are heading into production around the second quarter this year. You could see these stylish hi-tech smart gloves in your workplace by 2016. […]

Smart Gloves For Workers

Wearable Tech Clothing forecast
Wearable tech fashion will influence a wide range of devices, but standing out on the charts would obviously be smart wrist wear. By 2016, 91 million total units of wearable tech will be shipped and is expected to pass 126 million by 2019. A smaller piece of this statistic is smart clothing. […]

Wearable Tech Clothing Fashion Statement

Swarovski Crystal Necklace Fitness Tracker
For some of us, life can become so busy that personal fitness isn’t crossing our mind often. With the help of fitness trackers this can end. Simple things like standing up and moving around can eliminate problems caused by sitting for long periods of time. This is something fitness trackers can help […]

Swarovski Crystal Necklace Fitness Tracker

Be Dazzled with MakeFashion Gala 2015
Official 2015 MakeFashion Gala videos – Paul Spendard   MakeFashion Gala 2015 hosts the most visually high tech wearable tech fashion show in the world. Displaying smart flexible textiles in the most extravagant of ways. All of what you see in these videos are of exceptional design. What used to be expensive […]

Be Dazzled With MakeFashion Gala 2015

Pebble Time Straps - Will it be a Time saver
Despite the said $5,000,000 loan and line of credit where media quoted “Pebble is on the rocks (TechCrunch)“, it isn’t over for Pebble. Some will say it’s far from over, and I’m siding with them. Pebble’s lacking of features you would find on the Apple Watch will be made up […]

Pebble Time Straps – Will it be a Time saver?

How to Walk Properly - Learn Using Smart Socks by Sensoria 8
Do you have or know anyone with bad knees? or, tender feet? or maybe even hips or lower back? Silly question. Of course you do! Back pain alone affects 8/10 people, and runners will tell you they heard this “All that running will wreck your knees”. This particular statement isn’t 100% true. […]

How To Walk Properly – Learn Using Smart Socks

Smart Fabric Technology Clothing is More With Betabrand
High tech clothing or smart fabrics isn’t all about lights and computer chips. Smart fabric technology as the name shouts can be high tech in many other ways. A whole new area of Nerdwear is unfolding that solve everyday troubles people may have. Betabrand is truly looking at all possibilities when […]

Smart Fabric Technology Is More

High Tech Clothing is High Visibility Clothing
High Tech Clothing – MOON Berlin Flashy lit up clothes isn’t anything new (Although the name”Haute Tech” is trending). Christian Bruns founded her brand MOON Berlin in 2010. This emerging brand combines wearable technology with fashion and accessories for evening, business, and special occasions. It was soon after seen in fashion shows worldwide […]

High Tech Clothing Is High Visibility Clothing

Solar Shirt Front and Back - Pauline Vandongen
Charging your phone using advanced clothing isn’t far off from reality. In fact, some have already made this possible. Pauline van Dongen is working with flexible solar panel textiles and designed the Solar Shirt to help occupy power hungry needs of our connected world. Being exposed to sunlight will keep your phone on and your music poppin. An […]

Solar Shirt by Pauline van Dongen

Wearable Tech Fashions Fad
Circulating the internet and everywhere we look is new activity trackers or watches that do more than just tell the time. Is this the break of a new era? Is science fiction of just 20 years ago becoming a reality? Or, is it all just a temporary fashion fad that […]

Wearable Tech Fashions Fad