Smart Arm Wear

Smart watches, smart bands, smart cuffs. It’s all smart arm wear in our books! We’re talking about devices that go around your arm or wrist and help improve, simplify or modify your life.

Pebble Watch Strap Choices and Changing 2
So you just received your new Pebble Time or Time Steel. You’re likely looking forward to taking advantage of the watch strap choices available. Pebble has made it very easy to personalize your new smart watch in many ways. Aside from loads of apps, a standard 22mm connection lets you swap out with loads of watch straps and […]

Pebble Watch Strap – Choices And Changing

ProGlove is a smart glove made for workers in production, manufacturing and logistics 2
Team ProGlove were 3rd place winners of Intel’s Make It Wearable contest last year winning $150,000. When checking back on them I was excited to hear they are heading into production around the second quarter this year. You could see these stylish hi-tech smart gloves in your workplace by 2016. […]

Smart Gloves For Workers

Pebble Time Straps - Will it be a Time saver
Despite the said $5,000,000 loan and line of credit where media quoted “Pebble is on the rocks (TechCrunch)“, it isn’t over for Pebble. Some will say it’s far from over, and I’m siding with them. Pebble’s lacking of features you would find on the Apple Watch will be made up […]

Pebble Time Straps – Will it be a Time saver?

PebbleTime - Time Steel - Time Gold 3
  Since it’s first announcement on Kickstarter in 2012, Pebble has become a fan favorite among many smart watch lovers. Arguably to be top of the smart watches despite the power of competing giants like Apple Watch and Samsung Gear. A couple videos below might convince you of the same. […]

Top of the Smart Watches – One Pebble at a ...

Unique by uBirds - Custom Smart Strap For Watches 4
  Convenience and features have been the main focus with new wearable technology. Hands free notifications and digital keys are becoming more and more common. What about simplicity? On numerous occasions I’ve heard people say they would never see themselves using a touch screen watch. Simply because those tiny little […]

A Smart Band on A Simple Watch

Top 5 Cheap Smart Watches
Buyers beware and understand this list. The top 5 cheap smart watches should not be taken with high expectations. Many companies world wide are developing new technology and not meeting public reach. It’s people like us that search out and find those companies. Wearable Tech Fashion doesn’t imply any guarantee […]

Top 5 Cheap Smart Watches

Swatch Touch Zero One A new swatch
Stories have been leaking that the Apple Watch has a tough competitor with the new Swatch Touch Zero One. Are the stories true? Not according to Nick Hayek, chief executive of Swatch “We are not a consumer technology company,” Mr. Hayek said at the company’s annual media day. “We don’t want to produce […]

Swatch What You Say About Smart Watches and Gucci Sitting in a Tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G
It was only a matter of time before the pop star paired up with a hot fashion line. Was it in time to save itself from the poor reviews and unsatisfied testers? The PULS Smart Band launched and sadly received poor user reviews like the one made by Dan Seifert from […]

Gucci and Sitting in a Tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g

Tag Heuer will make the Google Smart Watch 1
So it seems the buzz on Google’s next wearable is a watch of their own. Teaming up with Intel and Tag Heuer, the search giant isn’t just looking to compete with the Apple Watch, but completely crush it.   Will teaming up with a Swiss luxury watch designer and Intel be […]

Google’s Next Project – Stepping On The Apple Watch Edition

The Apple Watch 2
This years round up of smart watches have will unveil more than any predecessor of its kind. Rumors of The Apple Watch has fans anxious in finding out what it can or can’t do. (One of those rumors talk of a superior battery life) On the Apple website, they claim […]

The Apple Watch – Is it the Smart Watch to ...