Smart Headwear

Bone Conduction Headphone Diagram by Woax 1
It seems that bone conduction technology “BCT” has drawn the attention of several companies. Woax are bone conduction headphones we talked about last week which provide a discreet way of communication. Buhel SOUNDGlasses is another hi-tech device using BCT that made a huge comeback on a successful Kickstarter campaign. Technology like this has […]

Bone Conduction Headphones and Sun Glasses

Smart Headphones and earphones
“Hey, Woax!” or “Okay, Elbee!” might be something we’ll start hearing. Similar to Google Now’s voice activated feature “okay Google”. Some companies are beginning to take advantage of voice activated commands. Woax and Elbee are two that aim in becoming the next smart wearable to have. Unlike smart watches, smart headphones […]

Okay Google – What is Hey Woax or Okay Elbee?

Train Your Brain - Focus and Attention Headband 10
Science fiction may seem pop in mind, but it’s very real and highly supported by several research institutes. The university of Ontario “Institute of Technology”, and the university of Toronto are 2 among them and have shown favorable results using Muse to train your brain. Focus and attention improvements along with […]

Train Your Brain – Focus and Attention Headband