Smart Jewelry

Stylish & Discreet – this is wearable tech fashion at it’s finest. From rings to pendants, you’ll be socially updated and nobody will ever know about it. Have a look into these more elegant options of hi-tech gadgetry.

Christophe-Co Armill Orion - VIP Access With Haute Tech
A new era of high end fashion has emerged. Haute tech can soon be a prize for any successful entrepreneur who’s desire is to live as a VIP. There is nothing new about luxury time pieces and I really don’t mean to be Stepping on the Apple Watch Edition. We just can’t […]

VIP Access With Haute Tech

Swarovski Crystal Necklace Fitness Tracker
For some of us, life can become so busy that personal fitness isn’t crossing our mind often. With the help of fitness trackers this can end. Simple things like standing up and moving around can eliminate problems caused by sitting for long periods of time. This is something fitness trackers can help […]

Swarovski Crystal Necklace Fitness Tracker

Tyia Smart Bracelet 2
Tyia – A Wearable Tech Fashion Star Smart watches can be convenient and activity trackers can help us stay active. No matter how handy they can be, you also know how bulky or childish some can look. What about those people who need a more elegant attire while attending important meetings? As […]

Smart Jewelry is Technically Fashionable

Scarab Sensor Wheel
  Imagine a wearable that analyzes the environment and sense everything around you including the air you breath and invisible dangers such as radiation!   Scarab by Amulet Corp 464 people pledged over $125,000 to make this happen. They call it Scarab. A stylish piece of jewelry that many charm lovers will […]

Sense Everything Around You With Scarab

Smart jewel three button notification system
How often do you check your phone for notifications you don’t care about? It’s already happened to me today, so I’m sure it happens to others. Smart watches help make this more convenient, but having to wear a bulky watch isn’t for everyone. Christopher Grayson and his team developed a classy and […]

What Do You Keep Looking At?

Cuff Smart Pendant - Fashion Tech Jewelry
Notifications, activity tracking and safety are the primary objective when innovators design their smart jewelry. Fashion tech jewelry designers have already achieved such standards, and I’ll list some of these products below. It would be awesome hearing your opinions on each of these products, and let us know what you would […]

Fashion Tech Jewelry – Safety, Activity and Notifications

Smallest Fitness Tracker | Ear-O-Smart 1
Fitness and health are a strong focus for wearable tech innovations. We’ve talked about the more common smart wristbands, and the recent GPS running shoes. A new device is moving it’s way in with the wearable tech choices and seems to be the smallest fitness tracker. “Monitoring Activity, Calories, and Heart Rate, in the most Fashionable way yet!” Ear-O-Smart […]

Smallest Fitness Tracker and Heart Rate Monitor

Is Misfit Swarovski fitness tracker solar powered?
Several rumors have spread shortly after Misfit teamed up with Swarovski. Bloggers are calling it “worlds first solar powered activity tracker” and “Misfit Swarovski Fitness Tracker Lasts 6 months between charges”. Before expecting an ever-lasting fitness tracker, lets clear up the expectations. After checking Misfit support section I discovered this wasn’t […]

Is Misfit Swarovski Fitness Tracker Solar Powered?

Bluetooth Smart Ring by Bateske
Ö Bluetooth Smart Ring This little ring isn’t the prettiest around, BUT, an important fact to know is this was made using a 3D Printer by YouTube user Bateske and not a tech super giant like Samsung or Apple.   The O Bluetooth Ring receives notifications from your phone using bluetooth and […]

Bluetooth Smart Ring