Cost of Apple Watch – All Models and Sizes

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As of April 24th, the Apple Watch will be officially available at the Online Apple Store. Rumors of it being available online only is true, but only during the launch period. If I were to guess, you’ll find them in stores early June or even the later part of May. See chart below for the cost of Apple Watch and all models and sizes.

All Apple Watch Models

Excluding size variations, there are 25 choices to make with Apples line of smart watches. Modern Buckles it seems are limited to the 38mm version of the watch. Don’t worry about being too selective though because there is quite a variety of prices also. The later models on the list below are that of the Apple Watch Edition “the high end model starting at $10,000”. Also, it doesn’t look like there will be a choice of a gold wrist band.

Read about the Apple Watch features here

Model 38mm 42mm

Apple Watch Sport

1. Silver aluminum, White

2. Silver aluminum, Blue

3. Silver aluminum, Green

4. Silver aluminum, Pink

5. Black aluminum, Black

$349 $399

Apple Watch

6. Stainless Steel, White Sport

7. Stainless Steel, Black Sport

$549 $599

8. Stainless Steel, Classic Buckle

9. Stainless Steel, Milanese Loop

 Not Listed $699

10. Stainless Steel, Black Leather Loop

11. Stainless Steel, Blue Leather Loop

12. Stainless Steel, Stone Leather Loop

13. Stainless Steel, Light Brown Leather Loop

$649 $699

14. Stainless Steel, Black Modern Buckle

15. Stainless Steel, Midnight Blue Modern Buckle

16. Stainless Steel, Soft Pink Modern Buckle

17. Stainless Steel, Brown Modern Buckle

$749  Not Listed

18. Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Link

$949 $999

19. Stainless Steel, Space Black Stainless Steel Link

$1,049 $1,099

Apple Watch Edition

20. Rose Gold, White Sport

21. Yellow Gold, Black Sport

$10,000 $12,000

22. Yellow Gold, Blue Classic Buckle

23. Yellow Gold, Black Classic Buckle

 Not Listed $15,000

24. Rose Gold, Rose Gray Modern Buckle

25. Yellow Gold, Bright Red Modern Buckle

$17,000  Not Listed

6 Apple Watch Sport Models



Is the Apple Watch the smart watch to have? Expect to see more of the Apple Sport then the others, but don’t be disappointed because all models will function the same. Either one can download all the apps, and be used in the same ways. Be aware that you’ll have to be equipped with an iPhone 5c or later in order to use the features.

A growing variety of smart watches work on most any mobile device. We wrote about the top 5 cheap smart watches and many people using an android device will appreciate a smart watch made for android such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola and the many others.

Teaming up with Intel and Tag Heuer, Google as it seems is jumping right in with the Smart Watch crew. As one would expect, but will a partnership with a high-end Swiss watchmaker mean for a high end watch? It’s likely so since Google already has their operating system on several other manufacture models. This is the most important part of Google’s business model. The more people connected to the internet and using Google the better it is for them.


5 Apple Watch Models


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