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Fashion + Tech @ INTERLACED Wearable Tech Fashion ShowIf you’re looking for a wearable tech fashion show then you must check out what’s in store for next month. Fashion shows have always been super exciting but now we’re experiencing a hi-tech twist!


In the past, we’ve talked about INTERLACED and how they’ve been influencing wearable technology events. As I grow more familiar with their goals I see how they view wearable technology in the future. They’re aiming to connect fashion brands with technology brands and bring together these industries the best way possible. Below you can see CEO, Kristina Dimitrova at the 3D Print Show. (Read about it here – Tech Your Fashion or Fashion Your Tech)

Past Future Technology - INTERLACED 2015

INTERLACED is inviting us to join them in Septembers Wearable Tech Fashion Runway Show and Conference. A discussion of futuristic trends, business opportunities and a spectacular demonstration of high tech apparel will entertain the evening.


Wearable Tech & The Future Of Fashion

Wearable tech is becoming a very broad topic. However, when most people are questioned about wearable tech, fitness trackers and smart watches would be the first thought in mind.

INTERLACED setup their event to broaden your scope on wearable technology or fashion tech. Clothing & Accessories, 3D Printing in fashion and Crowd Funding will all be in discussion. The wearable tech fashion show will take place shortly after the discussions and exhibitions.

Then, right after the show a drink and networking party will conclude the evening where you’ll meet the guests and have a good time. Anybody who’s interested in hi-tech clothing and accessories will find INTERLACED 2015 an exciting event to attend. Click here to see a list of speakers

Refining the discussions:

  • 3d printing to replace modern production and manufacturing.
  • Clothes with digital animations or changing colors with purpose.
  • Touch sensitive clothes can soon control our smart homes.
  • Crowd funding and the power of the internet.

Some of the companies that will be there: Cuff, Kovert Designs, Cute Circuit, 3D Print Show, Wonderluk

INTERLACED Wearable Tech Fashion Show


See INTERLACED’s Wearable Tech Fashion Show

Companies like Google are investing big into smart textiles because they know that we’re moving beyond the touch screen. The smart phone explosion and expected smart watch boom has limitations but those limits will be lifted. Wearable technology clothing can expand the functionality of ourselves, our devices or our connected homes. A revolution is among us and the world of fashion and technology is about to change before our eyes.

Join the revolution here: http://2015.interlaced.co


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9 thoughts on “Experience A Wearable Tech Fashion Show

  • Emily

    hi Damien
    well I might have been living under a rock because I did not know that wearable fashion was coming! It makes total sense though as we keep progressing to include tech in fashion. Controlling an iPad with a shirt might seem out there now but I bet it will be common in 5-10 years. I do like that fashion and technology can be mixed. However, I also have mixed feelings about it. Fashion was meant to be an expression of oneself, to reflect one’s style and uniqueness. But also the membership to a certain fashion culture. I feel that on some level by integrating technology to it, we would lose a bit of that, making fashion more about how it can be used rather than how it can be worn.

    • WTFman Post author

      That’s a valid point Emily,
      Fashion can still be an expression of oneself. Even more so for some people. This is where INTERLACED has jumped in. Technology was moving into the fashion industry with nobody to guide it. With a blend of fashion expertise with tech savvy companies we could actually see something useful while still reflecting your personal style.

      Thanks for expressing this!

  • Tom

    Wearable tech? Where have I been? Interesting technology…er fashion…er fashnology?? 3-d printing is also cutting edge, excuse the pun. This reminds me of the movie “Rhinestone Cowboy” back in the 70s starring Robert Redford (theme song by Glen Campbell). Interesting website with a new concept…for me anyway. Definitely worth a revisit.

    • WTFman Post author

      Well actually it wasn’t much of a pun. You almost got it.

      The term’s many are saying is: Fashionology or just Fashion Tech.

      Can’t say I can relate to this 70’s cowboy movie though. Should probably check it out and find your reference. Hahaha!

      Thanks for your input

  • Saber

    Too WTFman,

    I’m not so familiar about the advancement of wearable technology before I read this post. You have really opened my eyes! Merging technology and fashion together is really impressive. I can’t wait to see the revolution of the fashion world and what is waiting for us in the future.

  • Sheni

    Interesting article. I am not sure how soon this technology will become mainstream but I can certainly see it becoming a major fashion trend in the future. But I feel it is the wealthy who will get to enjoy this new technology years before it will become affordable for the average person to afford.

    • WTFman Post author

      I see your concern but I have good news for you. Unlike a new sports car for example, technology is getting cheaper. Why? Because of the high rate of advancements and the low cost of production.

      A computer hard drive was $1000’s and now under $20 for a 16gb SD card.

      I think new technology will have a place for everyones homes. Not just the richest.

      Hope this shines encouragement,

  • Neil

    Very interesting!

    I guess a Tech fashion show would be a totally new experience for people out there, even myself 🙂

    There will certainly be a MASSIVE opportunity for fashion brands to cash in on Technology, so I can see the future already! Yeah, trackers and watches are the first things that spring to mind when I think about wearable Tech, but I can’t seem to get past the idea of clothing because it sounds too weird, but normal to people when it takes off lol.

    I may attend a Tech fashion show in the near future 😀


  • John

    A wearable tech fashion show sounds like an amazing experience!
    I am constantly being amazed by the new technology being created today.
    3D printing as an example is going to be a booming industry in the future, if it isn’t already.
    Really amazing stuff!