Fashion Tech Jewelry – Safety, Activity and Notifications

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Notifications, activity tracking and safety are the primary objective when innovators design their smart jewelry. Fashion tech jewelry designers have already achieved such standards, and I’ll list some of these products below.

It would be awesome hearing your opinions on each of these products, and let us know what you would find useful. Let me know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of this page.



Cuff – Simple and very affordable. Own yours for just $49. Cuff sends vibration feedback of notifications, and you can also set alerts which are sent to a friend or family member if you need help.  A pendant that can easily be switched between bracelets and necklaces.

Cuff Smart Pendant - Fashion Tech Jewelry

Photo Courtesy: Cuff


Artemis – When activated, will notify loved ones you need help. It can also send your GPS location to police along with a notification of distress so they can quickly locate you.

Artimis - Smart Jewelry For Personal Safety

Photo Courtesy: Artemis



Ear-O-Smart – The smallest heart rate monitor and activity tracker yet. The Kickstarter campaign didn’t reach the goal, but we’re still watching for updates as they continue to work on funding and production.

Ear-O-Smart - Fashion Tech

Photo Courtesy: Ear-O-Smart



Ringly – Notifications and exactly just that. This smart ring notifies the wearer of phone calls or text messages using vibrations and lights. A design with one purpose in mind “Stay notified”.

Ringly Set - Fashion Tech

Photo Courtesy: Ringly


MoodMetric – Although a slightly larger ring, it’s the smallest wearable technology in the world for measuring emotions. Measuring the autonomous nervous system signals, it uses the information to understand emotional reactions and improve quality of life. It’s a unique device none the less with and one I look forward to seeing in action personally.

MoodMetric Smart Ring - Fashion Tech

Photo Courtesy: MoodMetric


MOTA Smart Ring – “One of my favorites” This sleek ring displays notifications right on the ring itself. Features such as VIP notification for those who are most important seem very handy. Allowing you to easily ignore those less important at the time.

MOTO smart ring - Fashion Tech

Photo Courtesy – MOTA



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