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Fashion week 2015 in New York was like none other. Technology as it seems, made its way into the picture. Integrating technology in ways never thought of before, some designers really put on a show with futuristic garments and high-tech clothing.


CuteCircuit has been fascinated with wearable tech and in 2010 it became the first ever micro-technology infused fashion. The Hug Shirt, Galaxy Dress, and Twitter Dress are some of which you’ll hear more of. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Nicole Scherzinger and Ellie Goulding are said to be very fond of tech fashion brands like CuteCircuit.


Digital Clothing at New York Fashion Week

Watch as models control what their dresses look like using smart phones.

(Video courtesy of


Fashion’s big brands follow the money with wearable tech

With the increase of money spent on gizmos, gadgets, and smartphones. Fashion designers need to get more creative then ever before. While creativity in the sense of eye catchy is great, practicality isn’t ignored. Advanced clothing that’s integrated with phones and cameras is only a release date away. (We just might see it on shelves very soon)


Fashion Week 2015 - Ralph Lauren polo tech shirt

Polo Tech Shirt – Photo courtesy: Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren seems to have interest in sports shirts that monitor heartbeats, respiration and stress levels. Ralph Laurens executive vice president says their product “Polo Tech Shirt” as called before is about to hit stores on both sides of the Atlantic. I’d expect to more as well from start ups and innovators such as First V1sion or Cityzen Sciences. All of them aim to provide the wearer accurate health related data using feedback from real world interaction. It appears science is catching up to fiction when looking from a fashion standpoint.




Solar Powered Jacket by Tommy Hilfiger

Solar Powered Jacket – Photo from: Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger steps in with a solar powered jacket for charging smartphones or other wearable tech. A fantastic idea if wearable tech is to continue advancing. If that is to happen, a means of long battery life is required. This is the biggest obstacle faced, and Tommy’s line could be the innovative idea that helps fulfill that need. I know you’re concerned of the cost of these garments and who isn’t? The start price of $599.00 for a solar powered jacket was steep, but the price was chopped to $419.99 as I just found out in the Tommy Hilfiger online store. (Buy it Here)




Fashion Week 2015 - clothes that change color

Rainbow Winters’ The Island. Photo: courtesy of Amy Winters

Rainbow Winters stands up to her name. Amy Winters and her line of “technically fashionable” outfits glimmer and change color depending on light or sound in your environment. Maybe not so practical, but what windows has this opened? Can we expect to see more interactivity with the clothes we wear? Maybe clothing will project our emotions depending on signals sent from our skin. You might think that’s far out there.. Nope, it’s not! That idea is already in works called the Sensoree GER: Mood Sweater which changes color depending on signals given by your skin.





Wearable tech and fashion still need to converse with each other, discussing ways to truly integrate in practical ways. Elie Tahari created an “iPhone dress” which really sounds completely out there. It apparently allows for 360° recording when connected to an iPhone. Yes, you’re probably thinking what I’m thinking on privacy and security. Fashion and tech finally shook hands and opened many new windows for innovation. Many that’s wacky, but some very useful like jackets with phones built right in to them. Never forget your phone again!

Updates in fashion and tech could soon lead to an unseen future.

What’s your opinion?


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4 thoughts on “Fashion Week 2015 – A digital experience

  • Tony

    Ha, the digital clothing seems cool, but a bit mad… Who knows where fashion will go though right!?

    I think the Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger items are more realistic for now, I guess I’m a bit more about the practical than the just for the sake of it.

  • Don

    This is some really cool stuff. That video from Fashion Week 2015 was unreal. I’m going to have to look into the fitness shirts, those seem like they have a nice, practical use.

  • Deborah Rhoden

    Absolutely amazing…I love love love those clothes n purse in the vidoe. Im amazed with the things that technology and great clothes designers can achieve. Absolutely amazing website. Thank you for providing so much knowledge all in one place.