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A new lineup of wearable technology is released every month to the public. The most popular of them all are the fitness trackers. What’s expected in 2015 with the FitBit Charge and UP3? Will it reflect what we seen from these fitness trackers in 2014? here’s a quick comparison of FitBit Flex vs Jawbone UP24.

FitBit Flex Jawbone UP3
Battery Life  5 days  14 days
Battery Type  Lithium-ion-polymer  Lithium-ion-polymer
Water Resistance  Up to 10 meters  Splash resistance
Materials Used  neoprene (non latex)  hypoallergenic TPU rubber
Compatibility  Iphone/Android  Iphone/Android
Tracking Steps/Stairs/Distance/Activity/Sleep  Steps/Distance/Activity/Sleep/Heart
Price $80 $180


 FitBit Flex vs Jawbone UP24 Features

When comparing between FitBit Flex vs Jawbone UP3, is the price compensated with features?

  • Battery – UP3 having 7 days of life and Flex having 5 days really isn’t a decision maker.
  • Water Resistance – Fitbit Flex is fully submersible up to 10 meters under water. Although UP3 is splash resistant, you cannot go swimming with it. I feel confident saying this will be changed with next gen fitness trackers from most all companies. For now, you may want to consider this before making a purchase.
  • Materials Used – Both FitBit Flex and the UP3 use materials safe for long term skin exposure. Jawbone also indicates the use of hypoallergenic TPU rubber. FitBit Flex uses neoprene, and a type which makes this device water resistant.
  • Compatibility – Both require either android or IOS device.
  • Tracking – It’s been noted that flex can exaggerate steps taken and calories burnt. Flex does however keep track of stairs climbed whereas the UP3 doesn’t. The comfort ratings lean towards UP3 with its sleek design and ease of removing. Both devices can be set with activity notifications letting you know when you’ve been sitting too long. Tracking sleep is another feature both have but the UP3 can also track your heart rate.

The race to be the best is well on it’s way with these two competitors. As new entries jump into the race such as Microsoft, these competitors are heating things up with exciting features and digital displays. Fit-Bit HR and Fit-Bit Surge both now include a heart rate monitor with displays built in.

Which is better – FitBit Flex vs Jawbone UP3?


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  • Gene Levi

    Thanks. I’ve been tossed up with spending the extra money but it really doesn’t seem necessary in this situation. The Fitbit Flex is a great choice for my son. I appreciate the comparison!

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