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So it seems the buzz on Google’s next wearable is a watch of their own. Teaming up with Intel and Tag Heuer, the search giant isn’t just looking to compete with the Apple Watch, but completely crush it.


Google, Intel and TAG Heuer Watch

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Will teaming up with a Swiss luxury watch designer and Intel be enough?

  • Intel has become heavily invested into wearable tech. Especially after last years “Make It Wearable Contest” which many say gave wearable technology the push it needed.
  • Tag Heuer has been designing watches and fashionware since 1860 and considered world leader in luxury sports watches.
  • Google is responsible for the most flexible and and fastest growing operating systems known.

  Using the framework of Tag Heuer and Intel computer chip set, Google has a strong position in designing a direct competitor with the Apple Watch Edition.


Hold on a second. Isn’t Apple Watch Edition the high end model that starts off at $10,000? Yes it is, and this is exactly the market they’re going for.

Luxury watch makers such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, AlpinaJean DunandMaitres du TempsBreguet, and several others produce watches that cost well above $1000. Some costing hundreds of thousands even. Apple surely made some of these luxury watch makers turn a concerned eye. While these mechanical genius’ have timepieces that only few others can compare, none can provide the functionality of a smart watch.


Will Google Have A Smart Watch For Everyone?

In a sense, Google is already on the arms of smart watch users. Powering the hardware and chipset made by Motorola, LG, Samsung, and several others running Android. It’s uncertain if they’ll have models made with different materials like Apple has done. It is certain that this won’t be the last watch made with Google on it.

Smart Watches With Google Android

Up until the last couple years, Google has been primarily software driven. With recent investments in companies such as Motorola, Google has become more involved with the hardware industry. The latest Intel/Tag Heuer partnership is very similar to the others Google have made except this one might play a very important role in the future of wearable tech.

It truly appears like a battle of the Tech Giants vs Apple. Google seems to have harnessed the power of unity and team work. Initially a search engine designed to connect us to the world. Still following the same business model, Google contentiously advances by connecting the dots until a full picture is drawn.

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