High Tech Clothing Is High Visibility Clothing

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High Tech Clothing – MOON Berlin

Flashy lit up clothes isn’t anything new (Although the name”Haute Tech” is trending). Christian Bruns founded her brand MOON Berlin in 2010. This emerging brand combines wearable technology with fashion and
accessories for evening, business, and special occasions.

It was soon after seen in fashion shows worldwide displaying her line of haute tech. Even before this, it wasn’t unfamiliar for celebrities and pop stars wearing LED lit garments to spice up their show. Katy Perry and Rihanna for instance who both made dramatic entrances with glowing outfits.

So what’s different now?

Moon Berlins durability and multiple usage is the “highlight of this tech fashion line”

Partner company Stretchable Circuits developed both washable and flexible technology. Moon Berlin offers a line of clothing you can wear many times over. The cost for this type of garmnet has decreased but it will cost much more than your average night out gown/dress.

The outfits you seen on stage in the past were very fragile. Often a one time use since it couldn’t be washed. Wiring would break and using “tiny lights” was the old way of doing things.

High-Tech Clothes is High Visibility Clothes

Photo Courtesy: MOON Berlin



Illuminating fashion label Moon Berlin debut their first collection at Berlin Fashion week in 2011.

Also appearing at:

  • Vancouver Fashion Week.
  • Jakarta Fashion Week.
  • Warsaw Fashion Week.
  • Beijing Fashion Week.
  • Milan Fashion Week.
  • Paris Fashion Week.

They also appeared in other exhibitions and fashion shows in Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, Warsaw, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Beijing, Jakarta, and Budapest.



High Tech Clothing Brands

MOON Berlin isn’t the only tech fashion inspired innovators and the creativity isn’t all about lighting up your outfit for dazzle or visibility. Some are filling needs such as providing energy using flexible solar panel technology, health tracking and fitness tracking information. Smart navigation shoes and patterns influenced by emotions are all products that are available today.

Check out some of which we’re following:


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