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How to Walk Properly - Learn Using Smart Socks by Sensoria

Do you have or know anyone with bad knees? or, tender feet? or maybe even hips or lower back? Silly question. Of course you do! Back pain alone affects 8/10 people, and runners will tell you they heard this “All that running will wreck your knees”. This particular statement isn’t 100% true. Running is great for your knees and so is walking because it strengthens cartilage around your knees. This doesn’t prevent you from injuries however. Statistics show that less active people will have a higher chance of knee injury from running or not knowing how to walk properly.

Some people can sneak up behind you without even trying it “Toe walkers”. Other people can be heard taking their first steps on the other side of the house “Heel Thumpers”.

Imagine driving your car without suspension on a dirt road “Bang, Thud, Pow, Clunk”. It wouldn’t take long before the car begins to warp. “Not to mention your sore back from driving it”

Our body can only take so many “Clunks and Bangs” before it begins showing signs of wear and tear. A lot of this can be prevented by adjusting your running/walking style. Or in mechanical terms “Adjusting your suspension”. Before now, to effectively teach you how to walk properly would be a long difficult process involving many trips to a specialist.


Sensoria Smart Socks Can Teach You How To Walk Properly



Sensoria was given 2015 CES Innovation Award Honoree for wearable technology. Sensoria’s smart fabric textile sensors are paired with a detachable Bluetooth smart anklet. Offering superior activity tracking accuracy in step counting, speed, calories, altitude and distance tracking. But this isn’t where they stand out. Sensoria smart socks will track cadence & foot landing technique as you walk and run.

  • Each smart sock is has three textile sensors aligned on the bottom of your foot to detect foot pressure.
  • The conductive fibers relay information to the anklet. (Sensoria calls it a textile circuit board)
  • Magnetic contact points are below the cuff for connecting the anklet.

What does this mean you ask? These smart socks will notify your smartphone if you’re using injury prone styles of walking or running. The app will then send an audio of when and how to adjust your “style”.

How To Walk Properly and Improve Your Style

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Sensoria have appeared at countless events raising a lot of  attention. They’re also great supporters for charity at these events. The next events in San Diego and Seattle’s Rock’n’Roll marathon will be supporting a clothing drive partnered with Athletes for Charity. Early birds could go home with their own smart sock bundle. Runners will be able to take advantage of a free running form assessment provided by Sensoria’s kinesiologist.

Want to attend?

Keep updated for more events on Twitter @SensoriaFitness

I won’t be attending unfortunately, but you can be certain that I’ll be watching out for them. It came to my attention they also have other gear such as a fitness t-shirt & sports bra with a heart rate monitor. Both garments are antimicrobial (odor killer) and moisture evaporation smart fabrics. Sensoria made the worlds first smart sock say the least. In my books, “if smart fabrics can help me improve how to walk properly, then I’m one step better than I was before”.

Garments collected in San Diego by Sensoria will go directly to support initiatives with the youth in Haiti through partnerships with the Haitian Sports Foundation and the YMCA d’Haiti.

Garments collected in San Diago will go towards the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County.


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8 thoughts on “How To Walk Properly – Learn Using Smart Socks

  • Kathy

    My goodness, whatever will we think of next! I guess most of us don’t walk properly, smart socks sound like the perfect answer.
    I don’t run or jog but like to walk with my dogs. I do suffer from backache, do you think smart socks help even with gentle walking, or are they for more active exercise?

    • WTFman Post author

      they can help with gentle walking. They do so by providing feedback of adjustments you should make with each step. It’s great for active runners, but also fantastic for anybody who has tendency of walking with too much pressure on certain parts of the foot. Glad you asked! Thanks!

  • Marc

    Very Interesting. I am not a runner but I do a lot of hiking. How would this react to long outdoor activities in different weather conditions?

    • WTFman Post author

      Glad you asked. They are said to last 8 hours on a single charge. The sensors are waterproof and the socks themselves don’t require charging. Only the anklet needs to be charged.

      This being said, it isn’t “work socks”. I wouldn’t personally want to use them unless for everyday socks. Since the technology is here, we can expect it to be more common.

  • Emily

    Those are cool socks! Socks that keep track of calories, speed, altitude? I never thought I would see the day! They are also cool looking for sure. And they seem to be quite comfortable. Just great technology all over!