Is Intel Make It Wearable Contest Back For 2015?

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Intel Make It Wearable Contest

Last year, the Intel Make it Wearable contest sought out for innovative ideas of gadgets you can wear on your body. It was Nixie that took the win in 2014 with their automated flying camera concept. Open Bionics  also amazed everyone with the worlds first 3d printed prosthetic limb and came second place. Then Pro Glove came 3rd with a handy work glove with super intelligent features.

Each contestant brought forth unique ideas with promising real world usage. The contest turned out so good that Intel is taking it a step further.

Intel Make it Wearable Contest

Something big is happening – You likely guessed that another Make it Wearable contest is happening for 2015, right? Well,, kinda. It seems they’ll be changing it’s name (which they still haven’t fully decided on yet) but that’s not even the beginning!

America’s Greatest Makers (Working on Name) will be on T.V early 2016 – Intel is shouting out to all “Makers” for a million dollar contest. This time, top applicants will appear on television and presenting their work in front of millions of people. It’s happening! Familiar names like Shark Tank, CNN, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader and MTV Movie Awards are already in strong support of this new hit T.V show.


Why is Intel interested in these contests?

It’s simple. The Intel® Curie™ module.

The Intel® Curie™ module is a complete SoC (system on a chip) the size of a small button. Its robust feature set makes it ideal for always-on wearable innovations in almost any form factor imaginable. Read More on

This complete system on a chip is Intel’s next gen hardware for wearable technology. At CES 2015, Intel presented this technology along with their interest in the wearable revolution.

Intel Curie module will inspire new makers in the next make it wearable contest.

All contestants on Americas Greatest Makers will have exclusive advantage of using the Intel Curie module. Intel believes this chip is exactly what you need. A computer chip that can shine light upon ideas that could never have come to life before. Great ideas are scattered all around the world and no financial power to bring them to life. If you have an idea that could solve a problem, Intel technology could make your idea come true.

Cast your idea at Intel and you might receive all the funding you’ll need.


Intel Wearable Technology

Fast forwarding to next year will bring us to a unpredictable future. When Intel provided the opportunity last year, makers came forth with ideas that are now the real product. While Apple, Samsung and Google are innovating in wearables, I think Intel could potentially become the processor found in most wearable technology.


What do you think? Or could the dawn of crowdfunding enable new potentials such as Arduino or RasberryPi to take the spotlight?


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