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Interlaced 2015 London is more than a show with CuteCircuit

On September 3rd, INTERLACED 2015 London will be the first INTERLACED fashion tech runway show. Hosted at The Boiler House – London, UK. Featured guest speakers and showcases from Cute Circuit, Kovert designs, Ylenia Gortana, Ada + Nik, Eef Lubbers++, Xoo and Maartje Dijkstra. On part of an entertaining display of high tech garments. Participants will have a great opportunity to engage in hands-on workshops and discussions with brilliant exhibitors.



INTERLACED is much more than a show or event. It’s even more than tech savvy geeks showing off tech apparel. INTERLACED defines wearable tech fashion and the future of innovation by educating the world of exactly that. Empowered by enthusiastic and technically inspired people, INTERLACED is bringing together thought leaders and industry experts. So who are the minds behind it?Here they are:

Kristina Dimitrova, Founder & CEO

Karina Ismat, Co-founder & COO

Hristiyan Pavlov, Head of Design

Noemie Balmat, Head of Content

Madeleine Bouge, Advisory Member

Whitney Valverde, Head of IR


Interlaced at Fashion Tech Days

Interlaced at Fashion Tech Days

What does INTERLACED do?

  • Emerging talent educators
  • Hosting partners of insightful events
  • Collaborators and speakers
  • Educational activities and news content


Where will you find INTERLACED?

These to name a few are where INTERLACED has nested it’s influence. While technology exponentially grows, the INTERLACED team is reaching out to the whole world, Interconnecting the right people with the right opportunities. So if you’re looking to invest in the next big thing, it’s likely to appear at INTERLACED 2015.


See INTERLACED 2015 London Event Highlights

Can’t make it to London?

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3 thoughts on “INTERLACED 2015 – London, UK

  • Katerina Markakis

    Hello! I am visiting for the first time and I really love your website! Interlaced sounds like a great event and I would totally want to visit. I love tech wearables and just recently purchased my apple watch which I love by the way! Thank you for sharing this information with all of us! I will be visiting your website more often since there are great thing to read here!

    • WTFman Post author

      Thanks for the comment Katerina. I’m glad you enjoy. Keep coming back because there’s always new things to check out. Many investors and influencing figures will be at this event. I suggest checking out Wearable Tech Torino if you want something for personal entertainment. There will be loads of new wearable technology to try out.

  • Bill

    First time I’ve heard of Tech Fashions and really don’t quite know what it was until I did some more research from your site. Pretty cool. I believe technology and fashion is merging quickly. I remember years ago Japan invented a type of cloth that would expell heat and keep the body cooler. They made shirts and pants out of that material. I guess this is the same concept but up to date with current tech. Neat. Thanks for info.