Is Wearable Tech Fashion Friendly?

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It’s been around for over a century.

Only now has wearable tech become advanced enough to compute and relay details of our every day life. Giving us health and fitness insights.

Only now has wearable tech become small enough to sew into the clothing we wear. Giving us a glow fashion sense only seen on movies.



Can Wearable Tech & Fashion Coexist?

I think so and below are emerging trends where many companies are dedicated to perfect in.

Emerging Wearable Tech Trends

  1. Security wherever you go.
  2. Sensors that detect vital signs.
  3. Electronic Fitness coach built into clothes.
  4. Augmented and Virtual Reality.
  5. Personal development and mental training.
  6. Textiles capable of transmitting light.


7 Wearable Tech Fashion Companies

Covering all of the above emerging wearable tech trends, here are some of the companies to keep an eye on.



NFC Ring - Wearable Tech Fashion

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NFC Ring wraps security around your finger. Unlock your phone, doors and other NFC capable devices quick and easy.



Wearable Tech Fashion Security Bracelet

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Bionym’s Nymi bracelet uses ECG technology as a solution for self identification. Safely store security information for easy access.



Wearable Tech Fashion - Smart Socks

Photo Courtesy: – Now going by the name Sensoria is An athletic sock with sensors. Communicating data to an anklet, and then relay information to the user via a smart phone app. For what? To improve your walking/running posture of course. Check out: How to Walk Properly – Learn With Smart Socks



Adidas Wearable Tech Heart Rate Monitor

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A special design for female fitness. Their sports bra tracks the users heart rate.



Oculus Rift Reactions

Arguably the best in virtual reality. The developer series has emerged and impressed many users and started a trend in YouTube reactions to Oculus videos.



Train Your Brain - Focus and Attention Headband

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Brain exercises are now made easier with headbands such as Muse.



Fashion Week 2015 - clothes that change color

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Specializing in clothing that interacts with the environment. Glowing, changing colors and designs are all done with embedded technology.


2014 has introduce countless possibilities in the world of wearable tech. To answer the question – Is wearable tech fashion friendly? It really does seem like the two are making themselves comfortable in the same market. If I can say so myself, I would think they’re beginning to become depended on each other.

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