London Has High Tech Fashion Craze

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London's High Tech Fashion Craze


London’s fashion events have always been in the spotlight for haute couture and creative garments. Though it seems the craze doesn’t end there. Some are saying that the future of high end fashion is more than custom fit clothing. For the first time ever, it’s become more about merging fashion with convenience. Since many of us are so busy, we’re looking for ways to simplify our online connections and how we use our smart devices.


Do You Have A High Tech Fashion Craze?

September 3rd will be a day for fashion designers, software developers, and engineers to collaborate with the most innovative fashion tech in the world. Are you involved with a project with questions in creating, designing or production?

INTERLACED has been involved with many events that are identifying a new standard in fashion. A standard where technology is seamlessly integrated into fashion. These events are leading up to Sept 3rd when INTERLACED brings everything to the table.

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It will be an artistic evening all inclusive with an exhibition, talks & discussions auditorium, catwalk show and post-event drinks & networking session. Discussions will cover the power and advantages of crowd funding. Along with branding, marketing, and networking discussions.  Find time and take part in INTERLACED 2015 and bring your creations to the forefront of London’s newest high tech fashion show.

Event Objectives

  • Enlightening the new era of 3d printed fabrics.
  • Collaborate price and distribution concerns.
  • Discuss sustainability of technology and fashion.
  • Understanding the consumers needs.
  • Taking advantage of crowd funding.
  • How to properly brand wearables.


Whether you’re designing, marketing, or simply excited with wearable technology. You’ll find that this event will be seating specialists from many industries. If you’re a student, you can take advantage of the $25 pass giving you access to the whole event. I suggest you don’t wait and reserve your ticket now because they are limited.


Exhibit Your Product at INTERLACED 2015

Setting up an exhibit table at INTERLACED 2015 will mean valuable exposure. You’ll be in front of fashion designers, investors, customers, thought leaders and likely partners that could bring your innovations to the next level.


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