Is Misfit Swarovski Fitness Tracker Solar Powered?

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Several rumors have spread shortly after Misfit teamed up with Swarovski. Bloggers are calling it “worlds first solar powered activity tracker” and “Misfit Swarovski Fitness Tracker Lasts 6 months between charges”.

Swarovski Shine Propelled by Misfit

Before expecting an ever-lasting fitness tracker, lets clear up the expectations. After checking Misfit support section I discovered this wasn’t the case it wasn’t 100% accurate. The upcoming Violet Swarovski Shine will be a solar powered fitness tracker.

The Misfit Swarovski Shine battery will surely last much longer than your average activity tracker with a life expectancy of 4-6 months. When comparing to a 5-14 day lifespan from competing fitness trackers, Misfit has done exceptionally well.

  • They use a standard CR2032 coin cell battery. (Not Rechargeable)
  • Batteries are $3 online or $6 in electronic stores.

Either model will give you a long lasting experience. Preorders are now being made for the Violet edition if you want to be the first to receive one.


It’s Technically Fashionable


Misfit Swarovski Shine Black NecklaceMisfit Swarovski Shine light Necklace The bright yellows, reds, pinks or purples of other fitness trackers have been described as “Childish”. With a more elegant appeal this fitness tracker is something you’ll forget is a fitness tracker. Tracking your steps, distance, swimming, and sleep has never been more fashionable.

You’ll never have to plug in your Misfit Swarovski Shine. Instead, only twice a year you’ll have to replace the battery.

Nine interchangeable accessories allow the Shine to be very versatile. You can wear it almost anywhere simply by detaching and reattaching to the best suited accessory.

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