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What Is The Most Accurate Fitness Tracker?

For a couple years now, competition has gained traction in the field of fitness tracking. The lines for deciding the most accurate fitness tracker on the market is becoming blurred. Since collecting human data in real time has become a popular trend, developers are pushing to provide the best, and the most accurate data possible.

Many people have attached to the word Fitbit. A cliche for fitness trackers. (As Chesterfield did for couch or sofa)

The world of fitness tracking is only just heating up. Despite the recent trash talk of the Fitbit Charge HR heart rate monitor being inaccurate, they jumped right back on board with the Fitbit Surge and the new Blaze edition fitness watch.  It’s certainly not the end for Fitbit, and for others, it’s only just the beginning.


Will Fitbit win the race for most accurate fitness tracker?

Maybe not..

Fitbit makes fitness trackers and accurate fitness trackers at that, but something else is brewing. Although Jawbone, Garmin, or even more so, Apple are all great contenders, Another surprise is expected to unravel through a tech company who’s focus is on medical grade human data collection.

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Likely The Most Accurate Fitness Tracker In Production

Empatica: “We collaborate with the best research teams in the world to advance understanding of human behavior in real life settings.”


Last year we were talking about an IndieGogo funded project that was aiming to achieve the title of most accurate fitness tracker in the world. They were aiming beyond heart rate and motion tracking. Going beyond temperatures and down to electromagnetic pulses in your skin.

(They want to detect even the slightest mood changes.)


The IndieGogo campaign was upmost successful bringing in new supporters from around the globe. They raised $782,666 launching them 514% above their goal on January 22, 2015.

Currently, you can order two different versions directly from their website. One is more affordable than the other and ready for consumer wrists. The expensive developer edition is a prototype and test of future productions, but it packs some unique features that will open many windows for the medical community.


Empatica E4 - Will this be the most accurate fitness tracker in the world?

Empatica E4 Specs – Photo Courtesy:


If we are to see wearable tech for personal development or medical application in the future. The foremost importance is accuracy and accuracy is what’s most important to Empatica. For this reason I feel they are on to something much bigger than the other guys.



A wristband to monitor physiological signals

  • Empatica E4 is the developer edition. It comes packed full of accurate sensors waiting for developers to dive in and explore it’s possibilities.
    Getting your hands on one will cost you a whopping $1690. (See Full Specs)
  • Embrace however is a commercially ready medical quality device. It measures activity, sleep, stress & even epileptic seizures.
    A little more affordable at $199 and for some it’s a life saver. (Read More Here)


Thanks to the E4 developer series we can expect to see more amazing breakthroughs. Meaning that detecting epileptic seizures might only be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to medical application. I’m actually very excited for them!

Empatica Embrace - A new contender as most accurate fitness tracker in the world

Empatica Embrace – Photo courtesy:



If you’d like to look a little deeper into the past year at Empatica. Empatica stood out on top of several competitions and walked away with rewards well worth acknowledging. Some of which you may have heard of.

This year, Empatica has launched the Embrace beta program which is an enrollment-based test of their product. They seem to truly understand the importance of doing this right and reaching out to the first Embrace users. (See Here)


Are you a beta tester?

Do you think Empatica is on the path of making the most accurate fitness tracker in the world?


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