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Music Hoody by:  Rusty.comNot being a surfer, I first came across by chance. They’ve been highly involved with surfing since the 80’s, and now globally recognized for the R-dot. Whatever that is…

They now offer a wide selection of clothing, and is bringing their fashion and wearable tech together. Featuring the “The Wired Series” hoodies as shown in the image here.

 What is the Wired Series?

(Rusty Wired Series made music enthusiasts want more) No more messing with cords because they’re built in.

  • The pull strings are the ear phones and completely waterproof.
  • Machine washable.
  • Just plug your phone or player into the pocket jack and listen away.


The idea was “for hoodies” but what about non hoody wearers? Well, They covered that too!


Music Jacket Wired Series Jackets

Not limited to hoodies, with a variety of jackets to chose from also. Like the Circuit “leather replica jacket”, the fuzzy Avalanche, or the plaid style Hotwire jacket.


I haven’t heard much on the ratings of the Wired Series, but in theory seem to be very practical. My biggest concern is the durability of the cords within the pull strings.

Maybe Rusty would benefit in teaming up with Cityzen Science. Using their integrated technology it may provide a superior product. Maybe eliminate cords completely by using smart fabric technology.



Would a music hoodie or jacket be practical?

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One thought on “Music Hoodies – Practical Wearable Tech

  • Brandi

    Oh man, I’ve got to have one of these music hoodies. It’s like they put my two favorite things together! Why didn’t I think of this myself? I especially love the fact that they are in the drawstring, that is a fantastic touch. Thank you for bringing these to my attention.