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Apple Watch Release Date April. 24th 2015

Wired, Mashable, Time and countless others are talking about the Apple Watch coming out next month. Yesterdays Apple event attracted many, and talked a lot about things already covered last fall. (See it here)

Below is a Time Video 90 second recap of everything you missed

To confirm, the Watch will have important sensors to track activity, along with a heart rate monitor.

 All models of Apple Watch do exactly the same things

Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition

Photo Courtesy: Apple

Cost of Apple Watch

Depending on model and size chosen, “available in 38mm and 42mm”. Many already heard about the hefty $10,000+ price tag on the high end model. Very acceptable price actually, believe it or not. (I’ll explain this shortly)

  • Apple Watch Sport Edition: $349 – $399 Aluminum Casing
  • Apple Watch: $549-$1049 ; $599-$1099 Stainless Steel Casing
  • Apple Watch Edition: $10,000 – $20,000 18-Karat Gold Casing

The price jump from $549/$599 to $1049/$1099 will depend on the strap you decide on. If you’re looking for anything other than the sports strap, expect to pay at least $849 when they launch.

  • Colorful Sport Straps will cost $69
  • Leather Straps are between $199-$329
  • Stainless Steel Straps from $199-$599

Why is Apple Watch Edition $10,000 to $20,000?

It will cost $10,000 US or $13,000 Canadian for the base model because of what the Apple Watch Edition case is made of (18-karat rose gold and yellow gold).

Apple is actually generous with their offer when standing up against the other high end competitors such as Rolex. Some Rolex watches that only tell time and time zones, will come in at the $20,000 and $40,000 ranges.

Apple will certainly have their fingers into the $20,000+ range with different models of the Apple watch edition.

Apple Watch Edition Models

  • $10,000 to $15,500 with sport straps
  • $19,000 for classic colored leather straps
  • $22,000 for modern colored leather straps

It seems the value in material used in this device far exceeds the technology put into it. Oddly enough, each watch is made with Sapphire Crystal glass. So this really narrows it down to the casing and strap you go with.

Despite having a gold casing, I think the Apple Watch middle class stainless steel will more than fancy people like myself. Saving myself $9000 to $19,000 sounds great!

Apple Watch Edition

Photo Courtesy: Apple


Apple Watch Built in Features

Requires minimum of Iphone 5c

  1. Text Messaging -Send voice to text, location, quick yes/no responses and smileys.
  2. Calling – Take or make calls from your watch.
  3. Calander – See whats next on your agenda quickly
  4. Activity – Tracks calorie goal, Standing duration, and exercise details
  5. Stop Watch – Self explanatory with cool graphing features
  6. Camera Remote – Set your iPhone camera from your Watch.
  7. Music Control – Change music on your iPhone from your Watch.
  8. Maps – A navigational tool that shows you the best route to take.
  9. Workout – This feature tracks cardio workout times and burned calories.
  10. Passbook: Store boarding passes, gift cards for quick pay or pass abilities.


Will the Apple Watch Prevail?

My excitement wasn’t exacty overboard from the beginning. Only because a giant company such as Apple deciding to make a smart watch did many people turn heads. Least to say, they will surely use their current Apple fans to strengthen a wave that was already rolling. (A very common practice if I remember correctly)

Luckily, users without iPhones will have lots of variation in smart watches to choose from. Many new start up companies, and well known tech companies like Samsung are at the podiums with their ideas.

The question still remains: Will Apple have the best smart watch?



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6 thoughts on “My Smart Watch Brings All The Boys To The Yard

  • Damien

    This was a very well written Article, after reading this I already want to buy one despite the cost, it looked very nice! I really encourage you to keep up the good work, this is a really good site you’re offering. It’s fantastic the technology that’s available now. With my iPhone 6 the Apple Watch should be great for me!

    • WTFman Post author

      They certainly can. I haven’t spoken much about the Apple Watch yet, but maybe they’ll have something none other will. They do place much of the praise towards the design. It might end up being another “Brand to have” kind of deal.

      Thanks for commenting Alex! I’ll let you know what everyone is saying after release date.

  • Anthony

    Looks like a pretty great watch if you can afford it. I know there are a lot of people who are die hard Apple fans and Apple could make literally anything and it might sell we because of this. Luckily they do tend to make a great product. Thanks for the article!

  • Brock

    The Apple watch looks very interesting, but seems very overpriced. I’m interested to see how well it does, but it does have the Apple logo which says a lot. So far the smart watch that has me tempted the most is the Moto 360.
    I think I’ll wait until the 2nd generation devices come out to make a decision and a purchase.

    • WTFman Post author

      I Agree, the logo seems to have its attraction. Moto 360 is talked highly of but I wonder how some of the new startup companies are going to compete. There is already a lot of financial support in many areas. PULS for example is by none other than from Black eyed peas. Competitive prices may quickly rise…