Okay Google – What is Hey Woax or Okay Elbee?

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Smart Headphones and earphones

“Hey, Woax!” or “Okay, Elbee!” might be something we’ll start hearing. Similar to Google Now’s voice activated feature “okay Google”. Some companies are beginning to take advantage of voice activated commands. Woax and Elbee are two that aim in becoming the next smart wearable to have. Unlike smart watches, smart headphones 100% hands free.

It was only a matter of time before earphones and headphones became smart devices in their own.



What are Woax Smart Headphones?


Woax smart headphone


The approach taken by Woax is unique nonetheless. I wouldn’t call it an earphone because the Woax sits comfortably behind your ear and uses bone conductive technology or “BCT” to send sound to your eardrum. (Your ear canal remains open to sounds of the environment and unhindered by the device.)


What Can Woax Do?


Using a pre-installed application and a Bluetooth connection the Woax communicates with smartphones to perform the following tasks completely hands free.

  • Phone calls
  • Messages
  • Time
  • Weather
  • Reminders
  • Breaking news
  • Post to social networks
  • Web surfing
  • Create voice stream
  • Unique God Mode

Woax uses voice recognition technology that only recognizes the voice it was setup with

A later version will operate on it’s own with a wireless carrier and possibly substitute smartphones in the near future. I can see this being very useful for those who are confused with navigating smartphone interfaces or those who just need the basics for communication.

God Mode is a development by Woax. When enabled it allows users to “tune in” to the world. You’ll be able to hear people sharing events, experiences, and real emotions through a digital social environment.


Woax has custom embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our software combines speech recognition technology with our own designed algorithms to execute a variety of absolutely unique and never before seen functions. Woax is a Voice Command Device that is controlled through the medium of the human voice. By removing the need to use buttons, dials and switches, consumers can easily operate appliances with their hands full or while doing other tasks.

“Opportunities for developers to pitch in and broaden the diversity of voice functions”

Win a Free Woax

Unique in the design and unique in the marketing. With confidence in their product, whoever purchases a Woax can win another free Woax by sharing the knowledge. After sharing, Woax techies track the visits you generate and those sharing the most win a free Woax. – Click here for more info



What are Elbee Smart Earphones?

Elbee Smart Earphones

Smart earphones can simplify many of your tasks with a simple voice command.

Elbee earphones stretches the limits by placing motion sensors within the earphone so users get more functionality. Elbee will launch a crowd funding campaign later in the year to bring the product to market. Sign-up for email updates at getelbee.com to find out when it will be available.


What can Elbee earphones do?


To make it simple. Create customized shortcuts to apps and connected homes using either voice commands or gestures.

Using a micro-sized dual processor, sensors, and a high density battery will give users lots of hands free abilities. All the features and capabilities are difficult to say at this stage in development. Basic functions like taking calls and texting is almost certain, but we’re looking bigger and broader on what this baby can do. Especially with home connected devices becoming ever more popular, activating a companion like Elbee can allow for any task in the following list.

  • Turn on lights using voice commands.
  • Adjust house temperature.
  • Skip songs by tilting your head.
  • Receive weather updates by request.
  • Change channels by voice and head gesture.
  • Use most smartphone features like calls, texts, tweets, and more.
  • Play games customized for Elbee. (Trivia using your voice)
  • Receive burglar alert – Tell Elbee “simultaneously activate lights.”
  • Never miss a notification because your phone wasn’t on hand.

The list can go on because connected devices such as Elbee are flexible to the wearers needs.


“The Elbee is an advanced piece of technology”, said Vincent Canuel, co‐founder and CTO. “But nevertheless, the Elbee remains extremely easy to use.”



Why is this a big deal?

When Apple mainstreamed the personal computer it was a giant leap for home computing. So imagine this – The computer inside the Elbee has more power and capability than a 50+ lb Personal computer at this time. Click here for more technology history. Now that we are seeing more of this, we’ll also see more reason to need it, just as we did when the personal computer became small and cheap enough for everyone to have.


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