Pebble Time Straps – Will it be a Time saver?

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Despite the said $5,000,000 loan and line of credit where media quoted “Pebble is on the rocks (TechCrunch)“, it isn’t over for Pebble. Some will say it’s far from over, and I’m siding with them. Pebble’s lacking of features you would find on the Apple Watch will be made up for in other areas. Much of their success will come with Pebble Time straps, and I’ll explain why.

Pebble Time Straps - Will it be a Time saver

Developers are given the ability to create a smart strap with almost limitless possibilities. Options ranging from extra battery life, extra sensors, or other electronics like GPS and NFC. A wildcard that opens the window for upgrading and getting the most out of your smart watch.

Who’s Making Pebble Time Straps?

Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky and his team put up $1 million for Time strap designers. They made it easy so that anyone can download 3d models of Pebble Time with DIY instructions on designing the perfect straps. It’s all in the developers to design innovative new ways to use your Pebble smart watch. However, Migicovsky is showing some interest in learning this himself. As of now, the 2 Pebble Time straps that really interest me are Xadow and Aria.


What is the Aria smart strap for?


So you have big working hands and using anything small is a challenge. Aria is a smart watch add on that provides gesture control capabilities. writer Kyle Russell spoke with Alfredo Belfiori who founded Aria. This is a video of that meeting where we can see a demo of Aria being used.


It was exciting to hear they’re already making a Pebble Time strap. “This can be heard about 2 minutes and 56 seconds into video.”


Hearing that it’ll cost $169 shocked me, but Pebble Time users will benefit from a cheaper price of $69. Pebble Time straps cut out the need for a wireless connection, saving money and battery life.

Aria Smart Strap attachment For Android Smart Watches

What is the Xadow smart strap for?

This may end up being the fan favorite. According to Eric Migicovsky, the Xadow modules offer a wide variety of sensors and is the perfect match for Pebble Time’s new smartstrap connector. Seeedstudio is designing the Xadow to be highly customized. Using a “modular” concept you can add and remove sections of the strap for easy upgrades. It’s currently in prototype stage but you can follow along and join the discussion on Twitter #PebblePowerUP.

Xadow - Pebble Time Straps

Want to add a heart rate monitor? Not a problem! How about a hydration tracker? or medical grade blood/sugar sensor when it becomes available? Or maybe 7 to 10 days of battery life isn’t good enough. The Xadow concept literally opens the window of near limitless possibilities using one watch and one strap.

Will Pebble Time straps be a Time saver? Or did Pebble even need to rescued?

Lets not worry Pebblers because Pebble isn’t going under quite yet. Developers want to get involved with wearable technology, and they are! A great example I’m following is Unique by uBirds. They are actually a “stand alone smart strap” which means it can work with any watch. However, elegant ideas like this will easily be customized for Pebble’s line of smart watches. It’s too early to assume any troubles with Pebble. Since very few people has had a chance to even try the new Pebble Time I would believe they are doing just fine.

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