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So you just received your new Pebble Time or Time Steel. You’re likely looking forward to taking advantage of the watch strap choices available. Pebble has made it very easy to personalize your new smart watch in many ways. Aside from loads of apps, a standard 22mm connection lets you swap out with loads of watch straps and bands. Skip to the next section and have a look at the straps I found.

If you’re wondering how to change your watch strap the first section shows exactly how to do it. You’ll soon be able to add extra features or battery on a fully customizable Pebble watch strap. Several prototypes are being developed and we’ll talk about these shortly.

How Do You Change Your Pebble Watch Strap?

Changing Pebble Steel Watch Straps

Unlike the original Pebble and Pebble Time which uses a standard 22mm watch strap pin. The original Pebble Steel requires a tiny screw driver to unscrew the pin. Then you pull the pin right on through. Check out the video below by Smartwatch Fans on YouTube. If your rocking the Time or Time Steel then continue scrolling for your tutorial.


Changing Pebble and Pebble Time Straps

Below is a video from Android Central on how to change your Pebble watch strap (And Pebble Time). You’ll notice the handy tool he’s using to take out the pins. These are cheap to buy locally and on Amazon. If you want to avoid the inconvenience of requiring a tool you’ll likely be interested in the quick release pins as show in the second video.


Pebble Watch Straps With Quick Release Pins

Nato straps are very popular and durable. So I found a video by of a Nato strap being installed with the convenience of quick release pins. Straps with quick release pins may cost a few dollars more but I think it’s worth it. Check out the video below by x999x.


Pebble Watch Strap Choices and Changing

Choosing Your Pebble Watch Straps

There are loads of options to choose from. Since a Pebble watch strap uses a standard 22mm band and pin. It can be swapped out with almost any watch band you have lying around. Have an old watch? Try it out!

(If you’re interested in a stainless steel replacement then I suggest getting the official Pebble steel watch strap. Pebble is offering a competitive price and it’s only fair to support them.)

For all you other Pebblers here’s some watch straps designed to visually enhance your Pebble. (The following links connect to Amazon and they will pay a small commission on items purchased from this website. Thanks for your support!)

Pebble (First Edition)

  • Wide Body is one of Richard Tracy’s range of wide straps in black, white, camouflage, or glow-in-the-dark. They look nicer than the original strap because they fit the design of the Pebble perfectly. With a reasonable price of $20 you can’t go wrong.
  • Colorful zigzag or black/white flower by French Bull artistic designs and priced around $20.

Pebble Time & Time Steel Strap

Smartstraps For Pebble Time and Time Steel

Smartstraps will extend the customization of your Pebble by countless measures. Pebble has given open source rights for anyone to develop smartstraps and current prototypes are making huge leaps forward. You can be sure that we’ll be talking all about the options available.

Erik Migicovsky speaks in the video below by YouTube user Nilo Jain called: Pebble launches smart straps scheme for its watches


Xadow is a product to be thought of as a “be all end all” solution with interchangeable watch strap modules. These modules will allow you to add features like extra battery life, heart rate monitor or MP3 player even. This extends the customization of your Pebble Time by countless measures. Although they are still prototyping they are making huge leaps forward and I’ll be keeping you updated on their progress. As for that “be all end all” title, I still keep thinking about “Glitch” from “Reboot”.. (With saying this, you can build a tiny robot and control it from your Pebble for $40! True Story)


Here’s a video talking about Pebble Time features and the limitless possibilities of Smartstraps “This includes controlling robots”. Hope you found a Pebble watch strap you liked and let us know about the one you choose. It would be great hearing Feedback on your experience. “Video courtesy: Make Magazine on YouTube”

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2 thoughts on “Pebble Watch Strap – Choices And Changing

  • Neil

    Hi, Damien!

    I think it’s awesome how people these days, have the ability to change the straps on their watches because I remember back in the days of cheap casio watches etc, this was not made possible lol 😛

    I think pebble watches have an amazing look and feel to them, and seeing the amount of choice in different watch strap colors to use, makes owning one of these “bad boys” a lot of fun!

    Cheers for the videos, and ejoyed watching them…. I now have some knowledge in pebble watch straps 😉


    • WTFman Post author

      Interchangeable straps were more common in luxury watches. It later became a standard among many watch makers. Thankfully, several smartwatch makers are using the standard 22mm straps also. Hopefully it continues!