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Innovative projects are underway on all sides of the planet. From smart watches, fitness bands, smart shoes and jewelry that tracks your heart rate.

Without surprise, another company inspired by wearable tech has aimed to help athletes in their training. Kenzen Wear has shown amazing results with providing data which no other activity tracker can provide. Kenzen Wear created the Echo H2 patch for monitoring hydration, lactic acid, and glucose levels.

Kenzen Echo H2 activity monitor

  1. Monitoring hydration levels will help athletes know when to drink or if they are hydrated/dehydrated.
  2. Lactic acid is naturally released in muscles. During exercise, higher levels are produced and from my understanding high levels appearing in your blood or sweat can indicate exhaustion. Reading these levels will help you learn when you can push harder or to ease it up.
  3. Glucose levels in sweat show real calorie measurement. Even an approximate value can reveal your level of metabolism. Given this information athletes will know if they need nourishment.

Manufacturing is set to begin early this year “2015”, and will be bundled with the following:

  • Universal health monitor
  • 20 H2 disposable Patches
  • Kenzen mobile app
  • USB charging cord

IndiGoGo campaign ended February 3rd. Raising 31,000 of the 75,000 goal will mean the charities will be returned. Despite the turn of events, the company is still working with partners and investors for manufacturing.

“ECHO H2 product development continues, and we’ve been in conversations with various partners and investors to get our manufacturing line started. We are still targeting a 2015 product launch, and will be setting up an online store at for ordering.” Said Steve Pecko on IndieGoGo

Performance tracking in the eyes of Kenzen ECHO H2

Before assuming it’s over for the Echo H2, many believe it’s only just the beginning for them. Pro athletes are excited to try out this new performance tracker and see how they stack up with medical grade equipment. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on where they go and what people say about it.

Is performance tracking ready for wearable tech?

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6 thoughts on “Performance Tracking Hydration, Glucose, and Lactic Acid

  • Peter

    Hi. I’m a bit geeky and I love WTF! There’s so much exciting stuff going on with wearable tech at the moment and this Echo H2 patch is a great example. I’ve bookmarked you and will certainly be back for more. Cheers!

  • Tony

    I’ve never heard of Kenzen before, but the ECHO H2 Sensor sounds and looks super cool. This would be great for me as at times I really suffer with cramp, especially in my calves. This could help me avoid that problem.
    Thanks for the info!
    Cheers, Tony.

    • WTFman Post author

      Hey Tony, thanks for adding this.

      The ECHO H2 could potentially help with muscle cramps unless it’s related to an underlining problem including deficiency in potassium. They say muscle cramps in most cases are harmless, and brought on because of dehydration and overexertion of muscles. If this is your case then this product is aimed to notify you when you need a rest or need more water.

      I’m glad you like the idea of the ECHO H2, however, be sure you speak with a doctor before assuming this “New” technology will help. Wearable technology in this form needs maturing before relying on faithfully.

      Here is a great reference to muscle cramps:

  • Daniel

    This is awesome! I love all this new tech that’s emerging, we humans seem to be an awfully innovative bunch!

    These sort of inventions have such inspiring potential to help so many, thanks for sharing!