Personal Fitness Trainer Replaced By Machine

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Everyone Can Afford A Personal Fitness Trainer

Finding the time or money for a personal fitness trainer might seem impossible. This however is quickly changing thanks to modern technology. First, fitness trackers like Fitbit made a strong appearance on the market by making it easy to track your physical activity. Now, an influx of people are becoming self aware of their health and many are finally taking action towards improving their lifestyles. Still, fitness trackers are not quite enough to keep the ball rolling for most people.

Without that extra guidance & motivation from a personal fitness trainer it’s very easy to get distracted with old habits. Also, the advice given from a fitness trainer will assist in maximizing your outcome. Plus, overdoing yourself will end in bad results, but a personal fitness trainer will tell you when to slow down or change your pace.


How Can Anyone Afford a Personal Fitness Trainer?

This is where a few great minds came together and took fitness wearables a step further.

Moov ($59 on Amazon) is a wearable personal fitness trainer. Not only does it track your motion but Moov also gives you advice on how to improve your motion. It’s tracking G-force, Your pace, your cadence, and even your range of motion.

Sophisticated enough that it learns and adapts to your training level. You receive feedback via headset during your training so it’s literally like having a personal fitness trainer on your shoulder. It tracks specific exercises and designed to improve those specific activities. Because of this it’s best to only wear the Moov during workouts. Unlike other fitness trackers like fitbit or Jawbone, the Moov isn’t designed to track general activity but more of a specialist. editor James gave it a test run – Read about it here: Moov Review

Watch the video below by (see on YouTube)


Moov features training for several activities like swimming, biking, boxing, and of course running. It also allows you to choose from different levels of training such as ‘improve my pace and distance’ or  ‘push me to the limit’.

One YouTube user (Molly Disrupts: 100% Buzzwords) indicated how her knees stop hurting after using Moov. It taught her that she was landing incorrectly and her impact was too heavy. This helped her correct this and now her knees are much better. She is also running much further than before.

See Molly Disrupts: 100% Buzzwords video below: (See on YouTube)



Coming Soon: Moov Now – Preorder Online


Will Personal Fitness Trainers Be Replaced By Machine?

Another company has similar goals in mind for athletes looking for a personal fitness trainer. (Keep In Mind – There isn’t enough fitness trainers going around for everyone)

Volt Athletics is the name and training athletes is their game. Designed to give everyone affordable access to professional strength and conditioning training. They are operated by professional fitness trainers and expert technologist who designed a cloud based platform for personal fitness training.

Volt now provides training regimens for 800 teams representing some 25,000 athletes. Says SeattleBusinessMag.

Volt works mainly with coaches at high schools and small colleges, tailoring online fitness programs for athletes in a variety of sports. But it also provides individual accounts for $25 a month at

By joining their program you get expert training for very specific performance needs. Although they’re not a hardware provider, they are hoping to bridge the gap between the data provided and what to do with that data.

As of now there are no collaboration between Volt Athletics and Moov. The point of mentioning Volt Athletics is that trainers themselves want everyone to have their own personal fitness trainer. The internet of things might just be the way to accomplish it. So I don’t actually believe machines will replace personal fitness trainers but instead will change the way people can receive professional training.


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