Type: 3D Printed Clothes

3D printing technology has exploded. From printing plastics, metals, and now soft fabrics. Check out the fancy to the practical in 3D Printed Clothes below.

Electroloom 3D Printed Fabric Machine
Within the next couple decades, Electroloom predicts that everything will be 3D printed. Including all of the clothes we wear. It would make perfect sense if everything was perfectly fitted and customized to your preference. This is now being made possible with Electroloom 3D Fabric Printer. They completed a successful […]

Electroloom the 3D Fabric Printer

Leaders In The 3D Printing Revolution
3D printing have been around for years, but only now has it been possible to create full scale and fully function products. The Creators Project are pushing the bar to new heights. They are said to be the first ever to create 3D printed clothes that were a close resemblance to that of […]

Leaders In The 3D Printing Revolution