Type: Contests

When the right opportunities shout out to creative minds, the results are mind blowing. Tech startups, students, and anyone with the ambition to create have the opportunity to present their ideas/prototypes to the world. Each baring the same goal of winning prize money and partnerships with tech giants like Intel and Microsoft.

We’ve been keeping an eye out specifically for wearable tech contests. Scroll down for some videos of both contests and contestants with their inventions.

Make it Wearable Contest
Intel’s confidence in wearable tech began¬†the “Make it Wearable” contest. Putting wearable tech on the front-line for many industry leaders in micro-processing and software development. 2015 will be a year to remember. Make It Wearable¬†Contest Meet The Finalists Select the team and see the wearable tech that inspires them. Team […]

The Make it Wearable Contest