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CEO of Jawbone Inteviewed by Recode
CEO of Jawbone Hosain Rahman Interviewed by Re-code Your browser does not support iframes. Wearables, Implantibles, Smart Homes, Big Data and the IoT. CEO of Jawbone Hosain Rahman and Re-code executive editor Kara Swisher cover all this and the direction of smart technology in their interview. See on Re-code  – Rahman […]

Direction Of Wearables and IoT – Jawbone Interview

Cute Circuit - Discussion at Wearable Technology Conference 2015
CuteCircuit Presentation at The Wearable Technology Show – See On Youtube Wearable Tech in Fashion With Cute Circuit CuteCircuit has been busy creating eye catching garments and truly thinking outside the box. In this CuteCircuit presentation, they showoff some of those designs such as the Hug Dress, Galaxy Dress, Twitter […]

CuteCircuit – Hug Dress, Galaxy Dress & More

Intel Presents Americas Greatest Makers
Intel will be raising the bar for 2016. The Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco highlighted another contest for makers with a whopping million dollar first place prize. This time it’s coming to TV. (Read More Here)

Americas Greatest Makers 2016

Who How Why of Wearable Technology
Festival of Media 2015 With Smart Life, Swoon Media & KOVERT Designs This is an awesome video that talks about the modern technology including fitness trackers, smart watches, medical technology, smart pills, graphene, and more. They literally talk about the who, why and what of where technology is headed in […]

Wearable Tech At Festival of Media 2015

Electroloom 3D Printed Fabric Machine
Within the next couple decades, Electroloom predicts that everything will be 3D printed. Including all of the clothes we wear. It would make perfect sense if everything was perfectly fitted and customized to your preference. This is now being made possible with Electroloom 3D Fabric Printer. They completed a successful […]

Electroloom the 3D Fabric Printer

Leaders In The 3D Printing Revolution
3D printing have been around for years, but only now has it been possible to create full scale and fully function products. The Creators Project are pushing the bar to new heights. They are said to be the first ever to create 3D printed clothes that were a close resemblance to that of […]

Leaders In The 3D Printing Revolution

Augmented Reality Beta Glasses
Seen on WeAreWearables THE FATHER OF WEARABLE COMPUTING – DR. STEVE MANN (Chief Scientist, Meta) “When I was 4 years old my grandfather taught me to weld. It was this experience of looking through this dark glass and seeing everything dark except this tiny little speck of white light. I thought, […]

Augmented Reality Meta Glasses

Eos & Nyx
  Read about the Éōs & Nyx project here: Wearable Tech Gala & Runway Show

Eos & Nyx

Obscure Shadow
  Read about it here: Wearable Tech Gala Runway Show Calgary      

Obscure Shadow

Google Jump at IO 2015
Google Jump: Turn Your Phone Into a 360 Degree VR Viewer Clay Bavor, vice president of product management at Google, explains Jump in the video below. Thanks to Bloomburg Business for the coverage.   For developers, this could be all they need to produce high quality virtual reality applications. I’ll let […]

Google Jump on IO 2015