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Mind capturing at it’s best. It’s becoming a race for the best as companies like Oculus VR, Sony, and Microsoft are investing into ways of bringing digital and real life together. Check out these videos and you’ll see where virtual reality or even augmented reality is headed.


Augmented Reality merges the real world with the digital world. The user is able to interact with a digital reality, while still seeing and hearing the real world around them.

Virtual Reality is described as being completely submerged into the virtual world. The user can only see and hear an artificial experience.

Augmented Reality Beta Glasses
Seen on WeAreWearables THE FATHER OF WEARABLE COMPUTING – DR. STEVE MANN (Chief Scientist, Meta) “When I was 4 years old my grandfather taught me to weld. It was this experience of looking through this dark glass and seeing everything dark except this tiny little speck of white light. I thought, […]

Augmented Reality Meta Glasses

Google Jump at IO 2015
Google Jump: Turn Your Phone Into a 360 Degree VR Viewer Clay Bavor, vice president of product management at Google, explains Jump in the video below. Thanks to Bloomburg Business for the coverage.   For developers, this could be all they need to produce high quality virtual reality applications. I’ll let […]

Google Jump on IO 2015

Microsoft HoloLens Augmented reality
WTF Article: Unique experience with Microsoft HoloLens YouTube Url: Microsoft HoloLens – Transform Your World With Holograms

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Microsoft HoloLens Augmented reality
Article: A Unique Experience With Microsoft HoloLens Video Title: Microsoft HoloLens – Transform your world with holograms

Microsoft HoloLens