Augmented Reality Meta Glasses

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“When I was 4 years old my grandfather taught me to weld. It was this experience of looking through this dark glass and seeing everything dark except this tiny little speck of white light. I thought, There must be a better way to see. My belief was that the boundary between the real world and the computer world would disappear.”

Talk about motivation. From a few lessons on welding, to chief scientist of Meta. Outstanding what the mind can achieve, and Meta could be a tool that will allow us to achieve more. Having digital content wherever and whenever you want is the future of computing.

CNN was on the scene quoting “Meta makes you a real life Tony Stark“. Check it out below:


Meta on CNN


Unlike what you seen in the videos above. The new Meta Pro is slimmer and sleeker. Have a look at the first unboxing in the video below. Lou from Unbox Therapy seems pretty amazed with his experience.

It might be hard to perceive , but believe it or not its here. Meta developers are making huge headway and could revolutionize many new industries.

Loe states  “You guys on the camera can’t really see what I’m going through right now, but this is next level, 100% next level.”

3D animation, shopping, or even watching your favorite TV program can all change with augmented reality. The team is dedicated to augmented reality Meta is making it happen. It’s not something every home is going to have for Christmas 2015, but it’s a project worth keeping an eye on. An investor wouldn’t want to miss out on this hot ticket.

Meta is looking for Designers and Developers: 3D/Unity/AR/VR developers and UI/UX designers.


Meta Pro with Unbox Therapy


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