CuteCircuit Color Changing Clothes

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Crazy challenge calibrating color changing clothes – CuteCircuit Can!

  • 2010 was the first ever micro-technology infused fashion collection on the market
  • Smart textiles and micro-electronics allow wearer to change designs and color.
  • The Hug Shirt, Galaxy Dress, and Twitter Dress are CuteCircuit innovations.


CUTECIRCUIT Full Show A/W 14/15 from CUTECIRCUIT on Vimeo.

AW 14/15 Collection was the first advanced wearable tech where the models control the colors and designs using their smartphones. Never before has this appeared in any major international fashion week until now. You can read more about that fashion show below. It’s clear that fashion has evolved and now standing side by side with technology. I look forward to updating you on this as wearable tech fashion evolves.

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