CuteCircuit – Hug Dress, Galaxy Dress & More

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CuteCircuit Presentation at The Wearable Technology ShowSee On Youtube

Wearable Tech in Fashion With Cute Circuit

CuteCircuit has been busy creating eye catching garments and truly thinking outside the box.

In this CuteCircuit presentation, they showoff some of those designs such as the Hug Dress, Galaxy Dress, Twitter Dress, and go into discussion about integrating clothing with all kinds of technology. As far fetched as it sounds, they are making it happen and people “Especially celebrities” are loving it.

It might be a while before I’m running around the roads with a color changing clothes, but from a retail perspective there are many new doors open for advertising or customer experience. However, a shirt or jacket with built in phone capabilities I see can be useful.

What do you think about the clothing presented in this video?

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