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Wearable tech enthusiasts or bloggers searching for valuable back-links – this is for you! We’re reaching out for people who use “or have used” any kind of wearable technology.

Do you own a wearable device? Can you share pros and cons of your wearable? We would love to hear from you!

Using the DigiBand template below, send your review to with the title WTF Review. If you would like to become a writer with benefits, indicate “WTF Writer” in the title also.

We want reviews based upon personal experiences (Reviews By You)



Wearable Review Guidelines

Template for your review – Copy the template format below when writing your review.


Smart DigiBand Review By: WTFman

My Ranking: 1 out of 5
Price: $199
Company: DigiBand Inc.
Product Website:
Reviewer Website:


Product overview – What is Smart DigiBand?

For businessmen, Smart DigiBand is designed to provide instant access to all levels of management in a business. Quick surveillance viewing, employee updates, details, and more all on your wrist with an expandable touchscreen for more complex tasks.


Smart DigiBand App and Features

The functionality of Smart DigiBand is strongly present with the cross platform ability. It works on a broad range of systems including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

The apps ability to quickly sync your data immediately to a secure computer.

It can light up a dark room when the lights go out, and provide smart company insights. Recommend people to hire, and people to fire. Let you know when stocks are low, and when you need a hair cut.




  • Bring any company to success.
  • Makes for great fashion.
  • It’s smarter than the wearer.


  • It does not exist


Who is Smart DigiBand For?

The Smart DigiBand is ultimately for people living fast paced lives and for entrepreneurs starting there first business. A 9 year old child wouldn’t gain from having this, unless he decides he’s the next teen millionaire.


Final Opinions On Smart DigiBand

If only this device were real.. The review of Smart Digiband was indeed fake, but a real example of what our required review format.  All applications will be reviewed and approved manually for writing privileges. Once you’ve applied, go to your profile and update your photo for quicker approval.



Contributor Rules: Reviews will be approved when meeting these minimal requirements:

  1. All reviews must follow the same layout structure as seen above.
  2. Product link has to be the home-site of the product you’re reviewing.
  3. Any other link sources must be relevant to the review, (A reference).

That sums it up – Send your email to – Title: WTF Review


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