Sense Everything Around You With Scarab

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Imagine a wearable that analyzes the environment and sense everything around you including the air you breath and invisible dangers such as radiation!

Scarab Sensor Wheel


Scarab by Amulet Corp

464 people pledged over $125,000 to make this happen. They call it Scarab. A stylish piece of jewelry that many charm lovers will adore. Especially knowing it will help you live healthier, longer, or even save your life.

Featuring 16 sensors makes this not just a very smart Amulet, but a digital nervous system. We’ll discuss each feature below the scarab Kickstarter video.



What sensors are inside Scarab?

Scarab has 16 sensors, holding the most sensors in any wearable device.

  1. Ambient Light sensor
  2. UV Index sensor
  3. Gamma detector
  4. Thermometer
  5. Relative Humidity sensor
  6. Noise Level detection circuit
  7. Digital Output Barometer
  8. Gyroscope
  9. 3D Magnetometer
  10. 3D Accelerometer
  11. GPS Module
  12. Three axis magnetic field sensor
  13. Liquid Petroleum Gas detector
  14. Carbon Monoxide detector
  15. Ozone detector
  16. Nitrogen Dioxide detector

The Scarab continuously gathers environmental impressions and sends it to your smartphone. It will notify you if sun UV index is too high so your not over exposed to the damaging rays. It can even tell you if you’re exposed to radiation, or even if there is a gas leak in your travel camper. The handiness of the Scarab is awe worthy and in my mind a revolutionary health and security device. It can detect invisible threats that would normally go unnoticed until its too late. Carbon monoxide poisoning is one of those threats it detects.


A collaboration of data will be collected and stored securely on Google’s enterprise cloud platform to show areas with warnings. “The scarab app will alert you if an area was previously a threat.” How cool is that?

Scarab Social Warning Map

Photo Courtesy: Amulet Corp


Scarab Technical Specs

  • Because of the heavy load of steadily active sensors, the current battery will need daily charging.
  • Water resistant not waterproof because of gas sensors need access to sensors. (No swimming)
  • 1MB of storage for data collection until the data is sent to a smart phone.


The Scarab comes with 3 options:

Benchmark Scarab (White/Black) – $175

Scarab Black & White

Benchmark Scarab – Photo Courtesy: Amulet Corp


Scarab Magic – $199

Scarab Magic - Radiation Detector

Scarab Magic – Photo Courtesy: Amulet Corp




After a successful Kickstarter campaign of raising over 125%, Amulet Corp is geared up and ready for manufacturing. If you missed the campaign you can still pre-order yours directly on the Scarab Home Page.

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