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Fitness and health are a strong focus for wearable tech innovations. We’ve talked about the more common smart wristbands, and the recent GPS running shoes. A new device is moving it’s way in with the wearable tech choices and seems to be the smallest fitness tracker.Smallest Fitness Tracker and heart rate monitor

Monitoring Activity, Calories, and Heart Rate, in the most Fashionable way yet!”


Ravinder Saini “President” of BioSensive Technologies Inc. launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise $30,000 for the world’s first smart earrings and possibly the smallest fitness tracker. Although the campaign never made it’s target the company plans to follow through.

Saini tells CBC : “wearable market is expanding quickly, but the problem is options are very limited; most fitness monitors are limited to wrist based electronics.”

On Kickstarter: “We are progressing as per our planned timeline”

Through the Kick-Starter campaign they raised $12,000 and further support from partners are bringing them to meet their goals. They expect to send Ear-O-Smart to the early birds by June this summer “2015”.

Smallest Fitness Tracker | Ear-O-SmartFeatures and specs of the Ear-O-Smart

  • It can be customized with different gems
  • 16mm (0.63 inch) in diameter
  • Connects with your smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Uses PPG (photoplethysmogram) technology to monitor pulse through blood flow in the skin.
  • 1225 coin cell battery and working on rechargeable battery
  • Use custom material (including rods) in the 150$ DIY kit

“Quality of contact is the key and this is where the ear-lobe based monitor would perform better.”

WTFman says

On that note, I can assure you I’ll be keeping you guys up-to-date with this company. They really seem to be on to something worth watching.

Battery life would presumable be the toughest boundary for BioSensive Technologies. The sensor technology is capable of operating this small as they already demonstrate. With improvements to circuitry as they speculate, the battery life could be improved significantly as well. Your ear is a fantastic location for a fitness tracker in the sense that it’s out of the way from getting damaged. it may also provide a more accurate way of recording the motion of steps.

“One of the obstacles of fitness trackers is ignoring outside noise and motions to provide accurate readings”

This is an obstacle which Ear-O-Smart will prove effective. Physicians also agree that your ear makes for a good location for detecting your heart rate.

It’s hard to say what the first release will be like, but it’s becoming more clear to me on one thing. The quality of sensor feedback is greatly affected by the location of your wearable. An effective sensor on your ear may eliminate some challenges faced by other devices.

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  • Diondre

    This is a pretty neat gadget that I never knew existed. This is a nice read for anyone interested in fitness related technology. I look forward to hearing more after its release.