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High tech clothing or smart fabrics isn’t all about lights and computer chips. Smart fabric technology as the name shouts can be high tech in many other ways. A whole new area of Nerdwear is unfolding that solve everyday troubles people may have. Betabrand is truly looking at all possibilities when creating new attire. Below are videos for just a few of those creative new ideas.

Smart Fabric Technology - Betabrand

Smart Fabric Technology – by Betabrand


  Photo Bombing Jacket – Your identity is safe with this jacket. At least from cameras anyway. It mightn’t seem practical for some people, but others who don’t want there picture taken think differently. It all started with work place safety reflective gear. Now with business casual in mind, Betawear has played around with fabrics to create comfortable, stylish, and camera crippling line of clothing. They call it the “Flashback Collection“.


  The Suity – Face your eyes on the guy below with these classy ladies. Ready for business and more comfortable then you can possibly imagine. I would have to try this myself because I’m a big fan of Onesies. Yes, the Suity is indeed a onesie. Well suited for going to work, heading out to dinner, or lazing around at home. A few concerns immediately triggered but were quickly answered in the video below.

A Business suit Onesie

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  READY Jeans and Blazer – Putting security right in your pockets. The new age of digital pick pocketing brings fear to the geeks who know what could happen. RFID readers connected to smartphones can swipe money from bank accounts very quickly and you don’t need Houdini skills to do it. Ready Jeans is equipped with RFID protected materials that will keep your phone or cards safe from digital thieves.



What’s Your Favorite Smart Fabric Technology?

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