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Team ProGlove were 3rd place winners of Intel’s Make It Wearable contest last year winning $150,000. When checking back on them I was excited to hear they are heading into production around the second quarter this year. You could see these stylish hi-tech smart gloves in your workplace by 2016.

Smart Gloves for Workers - ProGlove

Other Achievements: Hall of Fame at IoT/M2M Innovation World Cup under Industry


What Is ProGlove?

Combining Human Centered Innovation with production knowledge, the makers of ProGlove are about to make some jobs much easier. Especially those in the manufacturing and logistics industries. Below are some of the tasks which the ProGlove can perform.

  • Automated scanning of goods.
  • Monitoring and training of workflow sequences.
  • Identification of parts/tools.
  • Documentation of goods and processes.

The work I’ve done in transfer and processing would have been so much easier to complete with this. Now it can be easier and hopefully the word get’s out so everyone can take advantage of it. The video below explains the power of this smart glove.


Who makes ProGlove?

Workaround UG is the name which the company goes by. Led by an enthusiastic team in Germany that you can count on two hands. They’re are start-up company ran by ex car manufacturer workers who set out to make jobs like this simpler and efficient.

ProGlove is a wearable tool targeted at professional production processes.
ProGlove enables its wearer to work faster and therefore more efficient, is easy to use and unlocks a new level of information and business intelligence for production management.

Team ProGlove at Intel's Make it Wearable Contest. 3rd place winners for their workplace smart glove.


See: Team ProGlove at Intel’s Make it Wearable competition


Will Smart Gloves Prevail?

Thanks for your interest! I know I’m excited over this and would love to see these go mainstream. How about you? If you would like your job to get easier with smart gloves, share this so the word gets around. It’s easy, just click one of the share buttons below. Cheers!

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2 thoughts on “Smart Gloves For Workers

  • Norman Hartmann

    This is an interesting product. If you are looking to get more out of your Proglove installation, have a look at our service. We have integrated Proglove so that you can now use it with multiple users at the same time and send the barcode scans to a REST/SOAP service making Proglove IP capable. Please check it out here:

    • WTFman Post author

      Thanks for the info. This link shows me an industrial smart watch called the WB-3201.
      It is equipped with a barcode scanner, camera, and ports for connecting other items. These other items I would assume include ProGlove.
      So by plugging in ProGlove, you extend its features by giving it WiFi.

      I can see this being helpful in a multi-team environment. Although, I would have to see this in action.

      Is there info on using ProGlove with WB-3201?